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The Dandy Dangler Wiped It – An Assassin Scam

Many years ago I was immersed in academic studies, enjoying learning just as anyone else would.  Then, one day, a terrible evil returned to my life.  An evil I thought I had evaded since dropping out of a class.  I can’t explain it fully, but I assessed the evil to be a tyrannical evil, ancient in nature, but modern in technology.

The evil came in the form of danger, pain and pressure.  A pressure I now know all too well as ultrasound waveforms applied to the exterior and interior or the skull simultaneously.  Although at the time, I had no idea the evil was unrelated to my own muscular, nasal, and brain systems.
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Sabotage of Ultrasonic Weapons Installations using Audible Sound

The properties of ultrasound are many.  Ultrasound is very predictable in space, in how it will reflect off objects of various density, or travel through the objects.  Pure ultrasound is of a frequency above human acoustic perception, and when not impacting human anatomy or solid objects, is largely unnoticeable.
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The Question of Private Property and Crossing Waves

In America, and many other supposedly capitalist societies, individuals, groups, and organizations are allowed to retain ownership of “property”.  Property can be items, such as clothes, tools, or electronics.  Property can also be places, such as houses, apartments, and to an extent, vehicles.

Regarding tangible property items, individuals have rights to keep, use, and protect their property.  They may protect their property from others, in some locations, through usages of force.  The same goes for owners of locational property, as someone can protect their houses from physical invasion.
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