Sabotage of Ultrasonic Weapons Installations using Audible Sound

The properties of ultrasound are many.  Ultrasound is very predictable in space, in how it will reflect off objects of various density, or travel through the objects.  Pure ultrasound is of a frequency above human acoustic perception, and when not impacting human anatomy or solid objects, is largely unnoticeable.

Yet ultrasonic weapons contractors face a number of problems when the goal is to saturate a private property with ultrasound.  Because of these problems, it is possible for the lone citizen to conduct their own private sabotage and espionage against an ultrasonic invasion.

This article will cover one method, the method of merging ultrasound with audible sound, and the ensuing confusion that commences on a successful sabotage.

First, it is important to realize that like sound, ultrasound occupies and travels through regions of space.  When those regions of space are the same, the ultrasound vibrations, which are high in frequency, will combine and possibly collide with the vibrations which are in the audible spectrum.  The ultrasound vibrations will then scatter and carry along with them the audible vibrations.

Next, amplitude plays a large factor.  When a sound or ultrasound wave is of high amplitude, the number of molecules vibrating in a given amount of space is greater.  When the amplitude is low, the number of molecules vibrating is lower.  So if either or both acoustic sound and ultrasound are at a high amplitude in a given space, then the quantity of collision of acoustic sound and ultrasound is greater.

Third, acoustic waves can spread and combine when traveling through space.  So if you consider a funnel, the waves at the entrance to the funnel, or the portion with the wider diameter, will have energy spread through a wide region.  If the waves travel into the funnel, the diameter decreases, and the same waves are combined into a smaller amount of space.  The combined waves will have a greater amplitude, and thus vibrate a greater number of molecules in a smaller amount of space.  This combining of waves can occur off houses, fences and walls, cars, and RVs.  If you learn some of the geometry, you may be able to identify strategically parked vehicles, or constructed buildings, that leverage this phenomena, and find where waves are likely to combine.

Why does all of this matter?  Well, if ultrasound and acoustic sound is combined with enough amplitude, the acoustic sound may be amplified and distorted.  Further, the acoustic sound may be moved by the ultrasound vibrations in the direction of travel of the ultrasound.

The result is an acoustic sound that is unnatural sounding, and sounds as if traveling through the air.

The reason is that some of the audible sound gets moved along the ultrasound stream before dispersing and arriving at the ears.  To the spatial processing center of the brain, this is interpreted as a sound that is moving through the air.  The phenomena is similar to hearing an echo, but the sound is perceived as if coming from a region of open space, the space where the ultrasound carries the audible sound.  Whereas an echo can be heard at the point of origin and points of reflection.

Through this mechanism, an active ultrasound stream can be exposed to anyone who can hear the sound in three dimensions.  They may not understand why sound appears to be moving through space.

So with the properties of ultrasound discussed previously, one can know what to look for, especially when being physically harassed with ultrasound.  If you can feel ultrasound hitting inside your body, you might have a clue as to the trajectory.  You can also speculate based on spaces open to acoustic energy, such as windows, thin ceiling materials or ventilation systems, cracks in walls, or electrical outlets (fire hazard).

If you consider your surroundings, the most optimal points for sabotage would be where (1) Regular sound is common or can be inserted into the ultrasound path, (2) The amplitudes of sound are great, (3) The amplitudes of ultrasound are great.

One great source of regular sound is car traffic.  Car traffic is fairly random in frequency and loud, and can be directed through acoustically reflective materials.  If an ultrasound weapons system has been installed near a traffic source, consider finding ways to change and redirect the traffic sound, or the ultrasound stream.

Fence materials, reflective window covering, metal, are all acoustically reflective and can direct acoustic energy.  Changes to the pathways of either ultrasound or acoustic energy can weak havoc on an ultrasound installation.  The reason for this is the ultrasound trajectories are generally computed and set by engineers based on the known locations of objects.  My assumption is that they would have to have some sort of physics degree to compute most pathways.  They will set pathways to send energy through the air into houses, cars, people, etc.  More advanced systems can track and target people and objects in motion.

To find streams, if you remember the funnel, consider holes in the wall, alleys, windows, ventilation ducts, etc.  These are all places where an engineer might have had to combine or focus ultrasound energy, and may be points of high amplitude.  The points of high amplitude are the most ripe for sabotage, especially if near natural sound sources.  Placing reflective objects within these points can cause the most disturbance to the ultrasound stream, sending as much energy as possible in as many directions as possible.

One really good tactic is to ensure a reflective object is not completely stationary.  This will prevent an engineer from aligning an ultrasound stream off or around the object, as the object will then be moving.  Mechanically, spring loaded objects, objects hanging from strings and ropes, objects bendable in wind (or with high amplitude ultrasound impacts), are all good ideas.  Further, objects with more grooves and planes make it more difficult to measure for reflection, as more stream division measurements have to be made.

From what I can determine from reverse engineering, some ultrasonic systems are operated by computer systems, and sometimes manual operators without advanced mathematical or physics degrees.  The computers and operators could be anywhere in the world.  If the properties of the physical space changes, and the computers aren’t updated, the ultrasound streams will be fed right into new reflective materials, and bounce around oddly.  If the streams are set to bounce into spaces with large amounts of acoustic audio, they will cause the acoustic audio to be perceived as moving.

Unfortunately, with the corruption and unwillingness of law enforcement to prosecute ultrasound attacks on anatomy, or even discuss the physics of ultrasound, this may not be enough proof.  Sabotage, at least, is one way to combat what is an illegal method of covertly assaulting citizens.

Keep in mind, also, that one response of law enforcement may be to conceal their dealings with sonic weapons operators and to claim the perception is the result of a mental illness.  The description of sound moving through space, or sound appearing in thin air, can easily be described as a mental illness symptom.  Note, that the psychiatry discipline does not discuss or acknowledge the properties of physics, nor include the physics of ultrasound when merging with acoustic sound, in their symptomatology.  They also cherry pick neurological studies only to confirm their symptom system, but never describe ultrasound traveling into the skull as able to manipulate the brain.  Do not trust these people.

Both law enforcement and public mental health employees do this not out of lack of knowledge, but because they apparently agree that citizens assaulted and sexually raped with ultrasound streams are valid targets of their organization, and the treatment of these individuals might profit themselves or their organization.  I’m sure some consider the torture tactics possible with ultrasound to be valid replacements of the judicial process, and certainly violent responses to ultrasound tortures can be describes as delusional and requiring further tax payer investments in law enforcement resources.

Also keep in mind the owners and engineering groups responsible for large scale ultrasound projects may not want their systems rendered obvious to all passerby.  They may, in response to sabotage or written description, then decide to wield the systems in a more torturous way, threaten saboteurs or family members, or actually murder their friends, acquaintances, or people that look like them or with similar names.  This is especially true for the large organizations and foreign governments with the resources to more fully control individuals behaviors and actions through torture or manipulation.  So keep in mind, if you choose to fight, the stakes might be high, and the law enforcement you might have viewed as a friend might be colluding with the attackers, or importing ultrasonic weapons systems for their own purposes.

Aside from symptoms of ultrasound, suspicious things to look for in your local law enforcement authorities might be covert meetings with large groups of Russian nationals, or local officials performing Russian dances in front of crowds.



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