The Dandy Dangler Wiped It – An Assassin Scam

Many years ago I was immersed in academic studies, enjoying learning just as anyone else would.  Then, one day, a terrible evil returned to my life.  An evil I thought I had evaded since dropping out of a class.  I can’t explain it fully, but I assessed the evil to be a tyrannical evil, ancient in nature, but modern in technology.

The evil came in the form of danger, pain and pressure.  A pressure I now know all too well as ultrasound waveforms applied to the exterior and interior or the skull simultaneously.  Although at the time, I had no idea the evil was unrelated to my own muscular, nasal, and brain systems.

I allotted the evil no second thought, refusing to attribute the experience as anything but from lack of exercise.  Too much time reading books perhaps.

It wasn’t until months later that I found the evil to be a persistent problem, exacerbated rather than solved by increased exercise.  The problem persisted, as did other, more obvious problems.  I found while reading, both my vision and cognition to be interrupted at specific intervals.  As they had when I was studying for my last college course at home.

The intervals were selective, appearing to attack me when reading words related to threats.  I now know these symptoms to be related to pulses of ultrasound entering the eye cavities and resonating, as well as entering the skull and interrupting the mid-brain.

After months of the symptoms appearing, they were cut off temporarily, for a few days.  I had a few days of freedom of thought and sensation, unimpeded by ultrasonic invasions.  I did not know why, but figured whoever the attackers were, they had left the region, or perhaps been caught.

Soon after, on the road, I experienced a number of ultrasound attacks.  I couldn’t discern whether they were from stationary sources or moving vehicles, and at the time I had no idea about the physics of ultrasound.  I just knew a pressure was being applied to my head as some cars would pass.

Along this ride, I then watched a motorcycle go whizzing past, well over 100 miles per hour.  The cyclist went headlong into a thick group of vehicles, and soon left my line of sight.  I figured he had a pathway through the cars, but the next thing I knew I saw a scattering of motorcycle parts dragging across the freeway.  Traffic stopped abruptly.  People got out of their cars.  People were on the phone assumedly calling the police.  After getting past a number of cars, I found people were rendering aid to a downed cyclist.  Nothing I could do but get in the way.  I moved on with other traffic of people who didn’t have line of sight on the accident, and were last in line to be able to render any sort of aid.

I then got to my destination, a house of a relative.  I later checked the news reports, and found the person had been taken to a medical center.

I also experienced something I never had before at that house.  In a parallel empty room, I heard a loud sound in the middle of the air.  The sound must have been a 98+ decibel snap or crack, in the middle of the air.  No electrical equipment nearby, no wood to snap, just a loud sound in the middle of the air.  I immediately compared the sound with what I imagined to be a helmet splitting after slamming into a roadway at 100 mph.  Although at the time I did not understand the physics of ultrasound, and how colliding ultrasound could make an audible sound, I understood the sound had to have been externally generated.  I knew the sound to be a massive death threat against me and the residents of the house I was visiting, but at the time had no clue why.

When I returned home I found the evil had returned.  Although they had laid low days before the accident, they had returned now in much greater force.  Instead of a steady continual pressure and low amplitude pulses to the head, I now would receive spiking blasts to the head from the ultrasound equipment.  The amplitude had increased vastly, and I would have frequent nosebleeds and temporarily feel disoriented as if being punched in the head.  Sounds would arrive simultaneously, some whooshes whizzing through my rooms in wide planes, and sometimes the timbres of metal, plaster, and wood could be heard where there were no objects.

I did not immediately connect the attacks to the motorcycle accident, nor even fully understand them.  I basically ignored them and would refocus after each attack.

It wasn’t until later, when I was free from the area, that I was able to interpret covert communications about the motorcycle.  To my horror, I learned people were attempting to let me know the crash may not have been an accident.  The communications indicated that the motorcycle crash was an assassination attempt.  It was implied, though, that the target was an enemy foreign agent stealing secrets from some organization’s personality duplication program.

The assurances were implied, and not communicated directly, and from fairly random people and sources who did not fully authenticate themselves.  Although I was under constant attack while in private, I decided to clandestinely report the assassination in a way someone who gives a !@#$ could receive the communication.  So if the target was an enemy agent, the organization could check their authorization codes, and if they did not check out, investigate the incident.  I was later thanked by an authenticated source, a sure law enforcement source, for the information (might have been neurologically controlled personnel — 2017).  That appeared to open a gateway, and it was then I began receiving alternate theories and information about the incident.

It was implied to me that the motorcyclist was not an enemy agent, but a good guy, an actual law enforcement person.  I further learned the assassin’s may have been foreign agents operating through a private contractor.  I immediately worried about this, because I have repeatedly insulted various foreign powers online in the past.  I recall stating indirectly that if one foreign power ever brought a tank to America their soldiers would be killed.  I was concerned maybe they had tracked who I was.  Maybe they were trying to shut me up against their imperial interests, and had made sure I was in the area to see their contracted violence.

Anyways, all the communication of the theory was done anonymously, with the assumption of confidentiality from me.  I noticed the communications never occurred anywhere near where I lived, and cannot say for sure who the communicators were actually affiliated with.  They did imply that I should be careful about communicating where I lived, and did not inform me I was possibly dealing with a front for foreign assassins in my neighborhood.

I also noticed a frightening increase in the frequency and amplitudes of the ultrasound surrounding my residence, though.  These people wanted something, and wanted something badly.  I discovered that because they had also possibly intercepted my clandestine report, that what they wanted was certainly NOT a report, as the report was true, full, and detailed enough to satisfy any law enforcement personnel.

I soon found I was in a possibly lethal situation.  The amount of ultrasound pulsing, slamming, and cracking in my area was so high I could not see or think clearly, and was concerned I would have a brain aneurysm.  Audio from my speakers would either spray through the air, or the rubber in my speakers would crack because of the energy slamming into them.  My mid-brain would be impacted from within, causing temporary loss of concentration and impacting pain.

Years passed.  The torture didn’t let up.  The precision of the waveforms, the energy levels, the number of hits per day, all increased greatly.

Throughout the years, I determined the problem was not a physical or mental ailment of my own, no simple distraction repairable by concentration exercises.  When moving furniture around, I finally figured out the problem was because of (ultra)sonic weapons.  The furniture move caused such a change in the air, that I was able to identify my first semblance of trajectories through perception and object location memory.  If the problem was physics based, I then reasoned, I would be able to defend myself with objects in space.

And so the research and development began.  I learned about acoustics, read up on some others experiences, and furthered my knowledge.  I found a massive propaganda effort by private contractors had been launched to identify the (ultra)sonic weapons operators as US government.  I later found this to be false (not so sure now that I know how much my beliefs were controlled while writing this).  I invested in better window barriers, and sound absorbing material.  Each time I would create a new barrier or change the acoustic properties of my private space, traffic and aviation sounds all around my neighborhood would go off in all directions.  This was because the mathematical measures used to attack my person with the (ultra)sonic energy would change, causing my space to reject some of the energy sent in, and causing ultrasound to be scattered about my neighborhood instead of at my person.

After about the tenth time this occurred, I noticed the weapons manufacturers would send small airplanes from the local airport (possibly neurologically controlling pilots to appear in the area –2017).  They would circle the area, generating sound from above so the ultrasound engineers could measure the acoustic travel, and quickly realign the systems.  The airplanes could be sent on a predictable circular path, making the job of measurement from above easy.  The measurements allowed systematic realignment of the weapons systems, and eliminated any surprise acoustic oddities from the regular air traffic.

At these times also, some neighbors would go stand near their weapons installations and create noise, such as with hammers hitting metal.  I figured this also to be to aid in realignment of ultrasound to prevent odd collisions with regular sound (slightly possible they had energy beamed in at them from other properties).

Apparently, whoever was responsible for the ultrasound became even more infuriated.  They then changed their tactics, instead using the wave forms to cut off arteries while I slept, or to sexually assault private parts while I tried to read, sleep, or do anything else.  They would cue attacks to private parts to obnoxious speakers on television, like with those speaking with lisps or dual meaning sexual innuendo.

I continued building defenses and identifying trajectories.  I actually identified three locations with high powered (ultra)sonic weapons (quite a few more suspicious areas located now, along with numerous brain control assassinations found –2017).  At these locations a person spoke into the equipment, and their voice then appeared amplified and traveled along a trajectory.

One of the biggest reductions of amplitude came when I put sound absorbing materials in the corners of my rooms.  This got rid of their ability to use the corners three planes to resonate waveforms within a rectangular space.  With such resonance, waves can be recombined in a way to increase amplitude in a given space.  Without the resonance, the ability to amplify waves over time is reduced.

Anyways, it wasn’t until recently that I found out what had really happened.  Apparently, the ultrasound systems contractors were hired by foreign interests for a number of reasons (not sure if this is true, I may have been lied to and brain controlled as a misdirection tactic).

First, their job was to imply I had something to do with the assassination attempt, basically to make me look involved.  They were doing this through communications behind my back.  Obviously, I was only passing a place on a freeway, and I had never met anyone near the tragedy and did not know the person nor have access to his motorcycle.  He crashed so far from my location that there was no way I could had knocked his vehicle.  I did suspect he was knocked around with a high amplitude of ultrasound, though (see other brain control articles also for more advanced theories).

Second, their job was to prevent me from getting information to law enforcement or the public about the assassination attempt through torture tactics. I ignored this, and actually prepared to use force against them for the tactic.  Instead of responding ignorantly, possibly against the wrong people, I produced information and tried to ignore them (I’m still alive and free, but so are those using ultrasonic torture and likely neurological enslavement –2017).

Third, they may have told the enemy assassins, or been told, that I was somehow responsible for payment for the attempt, although I had no clue and had never met foreign assassin contractors.  I would never help foreigners hurt an innocent American.  Unfortunately though, the assertions would not only make me look guilty to whatever police they were lying to, but also get me targeted by assassins for ripping them off.  Allegedly, the funding for the ultrasound project was both by non-federal police who didn’t read my report (can’t believe police torture people for year without cease, although this was their propaganda to my beliefs with brain control at the time –2017), and by double dealing with the apparent enemy assassins themselves.  Maybe some party never got payed, and I was blamed simply for being near in a car.

If in fact they weren’t double dealing, why would they have setup shop months before the event.  And why would they have used the ultrasound, albeit at lower amplitudes early on, to threaten me while I read?  And why, then, were they prepared for an extremely high amplitude blast at my relatives house immediately following the assassination attempt? (I now believe they’ve been involved with electromagnetic radiation attacks against my most of my life, and simply brought in additional ultrasonics at the time. Further, in retrospec, they had used ultrasonics on me before the big move in, including a decade ago, just not nearly as blatantly or obviously to be so noticeable –2017)

And the reason for the increased amplitudes was done, not because of some failure to report my suspicions, which would violate my fifth amendment rights if so, but instead to shut me up so they could collect funds for reporting me as a suspicious party.  And, in a more sinister manner, they were also collecting funds from the assassins to place the blame not on them, but on me. (I really wish law enforcement would tell people who is using electromagnetic and ultrasonic weapons so people don’t get misdirected into believing it’s law enforcement torturing them –2017)

Fortunately, the result has placed me in the position to provide full reverse engineering intelligence on these enemies of freedom, American values, and American rights.  Not only have I been able to expose their involvement with the enemy assassins, but I can now provide innocent citizens with the knowledge to defend themselves from their covert weapons.

Unfortunately, although I suspect my advice in staying covert against these contractors came from the government, they have not contacted me directly with a payment plan for me long, deep, undercover assignment (not really undercover, they appear to brain control people to pretend to be undercover… were all brain controlled people just appearing to have knowledge all along? lol –2017).

*Although this is a true story, the Gag Order was not formal, yet the result of neurological control and harassment to effect a change in the article. There has been no formal communications, only thought control and implied communications about the incident, which is yet another forgotten assault and violation of rights.


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