The Question of Private Property and Crossing Waves

In America, and many other supposedly capitalist societies, individuals, groups, and organizations are allowed to retain ownership of “property”.  Property can be items, such as clothes, tools, or electronics.  Property can also be places, such as houses, apartments, and to an extent, vehicles.

Regarding tangible property items, individuals have rights to keep, use, and protect their property.  They may protect their property from others, in some locations, through usages of force.  The same goes for owners of locational property, as someone can protect their houses from physical invasion.

Most intrusions on property occur because a group of molecules have converged in space to form an object, such as a person, or projectile.  If a person, being a group of biological mass, were to go onto someone’s property, and begin smacking another person, they would be trespassing and assaulting another person.  The method they would be using would involve the group of molecules that consists of themselves, or their weapon, causing a collision with the group of molecules consisting of the assaultee.  Regarding private parts, the molecular collision need not even be damaging to be considered a sexual assault.

The same is true with projectiles.  If one person were to take a blowdart, and bombard a person on another property with darts, then the other person would have a right, or privilege, to defend themselves.  The privilege is granted because the solid molecules in the projectile impact the molecules of the defender, causing the assault.  Instead of react with force, they could call on an inept and complicit security force to defend themselves, or better yet, take matters into their own hands, and fight back.

But what if the defender had no way to prove the darts from the dart gun were fired at them?  What if the darts were made of ice, and melted before a security guard could respond?  Would the defender still have the privilege of self defense, even if unproven?

My answer is yes, absolutely.  Unfortunately, the defender may have to sacrifice his or her freedom or life in order to defend themselves from the attack though.

To explain, imagine if, after numerous assaults from a neighboring blow dart wielder, the defender fired back with a pointy arrow, piecing the bastards neck, rewarding with arterial spray, and removing the assaulter not only from the property, but from earth for good.  But by the time the security guard arrives, the assaulters ice darts had melted, and the defender is left without evidence of self-defense.  The over glorified security guard would then be looking at the defender as a guilty party, possibly leading to a new conflict or conviction.

The problem here is the ice darts have compromised the limitations of the security guard’s protection system, enabling a smarter, more covert attacker to rob his neighbor of the privilege of self-defense, and make self-defense instead a prosecutable offense.

Well, now lets consider electromagnetism and ultrasound and compare them with the ice darts.  An ice dart is a solid device which can impact or pierce the outer skin, possibly stabbing further into a human body.  This is one group of molecules moving another group of molecules, causing a noticeable disruption.

Electromagnetism is a form of energy that may not move molecules, except in cases of magnetism.  Electromagnetism can heat or fry molecules though, similar to fire, but sometimes from within.  Electromagnetism in it’s many forms generally goes through the skin and body, with various levels of energy being absorbed into the body as heat or electrical impulses.  Electromagnetism in the form of microwaves can burn the body, with other frequencies capable of similar disruption to the brain impulses and organ signals.  Electromagnetic disruptions are not noticeable to the naked eye, but can cause pain and damage.

Ultrasound similarly can mostly pass through skin, generally bouncing around entire molecules in the body similar to an impact weapon.  Ultrasound will reflect off denser structures such as bones and dense organs, and can actually reposition organs if at a high enough amplitude and proper aim.  Ultrasound won’t break the skin, but can cause damage, cut off arteries, sexually harass private parts, and interrupt vision.  All while remaining invisible.  So like electromagnetism, ultrasound disruptions are not noticeable like an ice dart would be.  But like an ice dart, ultrasound can cause entire groups of molecules to move, causing pain and damage.

So now lets take a more realistic and widespread scenario than the dart gun one.  Lets say a bunch of weapons contractors, foreign or domestic, have teamed up to install a bunch of covert weapons across a neighborhood and energy transmission system.  Lets say they have located these systems to be difficult to detect, containing numerous decoys, and mind control systems to distract the masses from their presence.

These weapons systems can then be used to do the job of the dart gun.  By sending large volumes and amplitudes of electromagnetic and ultrasonic energy through the air, these systems can cross borders and pinpoint people and property.  These invisible forces can subvert the ownership rights of private property, as well as the privilege to defend ones self and private property.  These invisible forces can not only travel across and into property, but also into people.  Some of the physical effects of these energy waves range from annoyances to sexual assaults to soft kills to hard lethal.  Remember, merely touching another’s private parts is considered a sexual assault, but prosecutions for using sonic and electromagnetic weapons against private parts are not done, with accusations of mental illness being the common response to symptom reports.

So now imagine the annoying bastard with the blow dart gun.  Only now he doesn’t have to wait for the ice to melt to be completely free of liability.  Now all the bastard has to do is send in rays of electromagnetic or ultrasound energy, and wait the second or two until the energy dissipates or travels out of range of detection.  Further, if engineered properly, these types of systems can be triggered from across the globe, instantly, using modern communication systems.

So what is the assaultee to do?  Grab a gun, or other century+ old weapon, and try to find the attacker?  No, they will likely not be able to find where the energy came from, and will more than likely find a decoy or innocent civilian.

What else can the assaultee do?  Grab a phone and call a glorified security guard from a local police department?  No, they will be accused of a mental health illness, by someone knowingly or unknowingly lying.  Much cheaper than fancy electronic warfare test equipment, and much more lucrative for psychiatrists and drug manufacturers.

What else can the assaultee do?  Sue or use the legal system?  No, those systems are compromised by corruption, and even civil trials can be completely rigged to protect the weapons manufacturers and complicit law enforcement personnel.  Even with complete scientific evidence, the assaultee would most likely end up dealing with controlled and complicit people with an unwillingness or inability to understand the basic physics of the problem.

What do these assaultees normally do?  Check the news.  They go after random targets, and are most likely directed via neurological control systems that work in parallel with the electromagnetic and ultrasonic energy.  The weapons manufacturers, whether foreign or domestic, have it down to such a science they can predict who will attack and who will be targeted, all from their comfortable sofas a world away from the action.  Attacks through proxy is the name of the game, and technology over anatomy the method.

So basically what we have is a bunch of citizens getting raped by a bunch of weapons manufacturers, and the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government allowing it for increased pig profit and demand.  The citizens end up in mental health institutions for reporting symptoms, and in jails or graveyards for defending themselves from the assaults.  Their privilege of self defense was real, but their targets might have been wrong, and their understanding of the assault tactics and physics not complete.  Of course, the continual cover ups by elementary police departments doesn’t help, nor does their behind the scenes dealings with these invasive threats to freedom.

What should happen is equipment that has a primary or secondary purpose of emitting electromagnetic radiation and ultrasonic pulses should be regulated and not allowed to cross waves into private property from power systems or surrounding property.  Unfortunately, the existing regulations aren’t enforced, and physicists have figured out better ways to conceal their assault equipment by distributing assault systems throughout large regions of space, combining the forces at their target location while maintaining a low amplitude elsewhere.  So, as a result, covert parties can do the equivalent of hit people with ice blowdarts for years and decades without stop, causing all sorts of mental and physical problems.  And the stupid, corrupt government goes on allowing it, with pigs raking in earnings from the increase in self-defenders described as mentally ill murderers, assaulters, etc.

What it should be is the operators, installers, and engineers of large scale covert electromagnetic and ultrasonic weapons systems should be lined up and executed for violating private property, assaulting American citizens, and habitually raping and pillaging against the Constitution of the United States of America.  And if the pigs are too ignorant and cowardly to do it, then they should be lined up and executed right with the manufacturers.


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