Acoustic Subliminal Messaging with Electromagnetic Brain Control


For decades, corrupt government employees and psychological “professionals” have declared the phenomena of hearing subliminal messages or vocals as crazy, delusional, and manifestations of auditory hallucinations. The declarations are always based on the fallacy that an individual’s own “mind” produces manifestations of speech in which only the crazy perceiver is away of.

Not always true.

Although physics has long ago proven these archaic systems of governance and mental health wrong, the institutions still support this religious-like belief system. Mental health industries and public sector employees will still use their doctrine to discredit people as crazy, simply for reporting subliminal messages.

While the mental health industry has developed psychiatric theories to describe and categorize symptoms, they have not developed accurate theories of causation. They repeatedly implement discrediting theories to place all blame on an individual’s conditions, sometimes technical assertions of physical brain disorders, but more often than not, abstract philosophies of mind and thought disorders.

In this essay, I will use physics based arguments for the technical feasibility of adding subliminal messaging to acoustics, which in essence, would cause a perceiver to hear speech embedded in instrumental music.

Acoustic producing technology


Two hundred years ago, people reporting the perception of voices residing within musical instruments were considered different. They may have had connections with their auditory cortex and language centers which most people did not have. This is arguably possible, that people with this kind of brain process could possibly have heard voices before the discovery of electricity.

At some point, though, after the discovery of electricity, some people found that passing electronic current through objects caused them to vibrate and create sound. With some objects, passing voltages varying at a rate similar to that of sound waves would cause sound. For example, a 60 hertz buzz can be heard around some power equipment because voltages varying at a frequency of 60 hertz passes through them.

At some point, acoustic producing technology became an industry, with manufacturers providing the market with speakers which could recreate instrumental music, speech, and more.

If one were to imagine, at this time, the rate of people reporting hearing speech would have increased. Because people would have situated speaker systems in their houses, cars, and more, people would have a scientifically credible explanation for hearing the speech.

It is this scientifically credible explanation that the mental health industry never caught onto. Although electricity had been discovered, and commercial devices became available, which when connected with electricity, would enable the perception of speech when no human speaker was present.

Subliminal Additions


Electronic speakers became known for their abilities for convert complex electronic waveforms into sound wave forms. Waveforms that matched instruments such as pianos, harpsichords, violins, guitars, and more input into electronic speakers, which would then cause vibrations via electromagnetism of acoustic materials. These acoustic materials, such as rubber, would vibrate air molecules at a rate very precisely matching that of the electronic waveform because a speaker magnet would move the materials at that rate.

Unfortunately, a new tactic developed along the way. The mental health industry, not wanting to lose public funding, and wanting to leverage mental health institutions as a controlling force against citizens, kept on with their hypothesis that anyone hearing anything abnormal had a bad brain or mind. While they did not outright claim that anyone hearing sounds on electronic speakers were crazy, and needed a court accessible public mental health record, they maintained the position that anyone hearing anything out of the ordinary had some insane characteristic. Without the presence of an obvious electronic speaker, they forthright discredited the possibility of any electronically generated sound, or any device capable of generating sound without electromagnetism. And they continued to hold to the acoustic theory that if everyone in a space cannot hear a sound, and only one person hears something, then there was no acoustic disturbance of space, and that instead, the abstract mind of the perceiver was at fault. This conveniently enables individuals to be discredited by the government and mental health industry when traditional methods such as law enforcement were not available, for example, if someone was not a convicted criminal.

Further, the same mental health theories are applied to people who perceive subliminal messages embedded within audio. For example, hearing a voice mixed in with a violin speaking to oneself invasively. Reporting such an event to mental health personnel or similar party would immediately trigger a philosophical declaration of fault of mind, or a jumping to a conclusion of a neurological malfunction. This would instantly discredit any technical or physics based possibilities, while simultaneously completing the first step in the legal discrediting of an individual.

Unfortunately, because electronic speakers can oscillate at a rate matching an electronic waveform, an electronic waveform could be made which adds subliminal messages to instrumentals. This would enable a classical music song to be destroyed with constant subliminal messages to a listener, while arming the mental health industry professionals against the listener’s credibility.

Let’s take for example, a pure sine wave. Let’s say this represents the timber of a pure instrument. This waveform is part of a song, and so when the song plays, an electronic voltage consistent with this sine wave is applied to the speaker magnet. The magnet then moves the acoustic materials, creating an acoustic sound with the waveform of this sine wave.




Now let’s take our pure sine wave and modify it some. Lets add some changes to the sine wave. The changed sine wave will create a different sound. Depending on how the sine wave is changed, the sound will appear differently to listeners. If another instrument is in the background, the listener might hear another instrument. If the acoustic properties of speech are added, the listener might hear specific words in the background.

Electromagnetic Radiation Aimed at Electronic Speakers


There is no shortage of tyrants with their own high amplitude electromagnetic radiation devices hidden throughout society. Weapons manufacturers make these devices to appear covert, and make them capable of aiming beams of electromagnetic radiation into people’s houses, cars, heads, and bodies. These carry low risk of detection because they are often combined with surveillance systems, and so when one attempts to measure electromagnetic radiation, the hidden transmitters are shut off, clearing the air of high amplitude beams until the measurement stops.

While most of the devices are built to impede the midbrain, nervous systems, or even cognitive centers, some electromagnetic radiation devices have been configured to impede electronic speakers. The process involves large amounts of energy conveyed through aerial electron vibrations, which, when passed over a computer speaker magnet, or maybe even speaker wire, creates an electronic waveform. This waveform would then change, or modulate, the waveform on the computer speaker, possible creating another sound.

Take note that the wiring of a speaker can be long, meaning finding a ray might be difficult.   And, of course, there are other possible methods of modifying the electronic signal input into a computer speaker.

Well, what if someone had decided to mount their high amplitude electromagnetic radiation transmitters around your property. If they were to aim it at your speakers, they might be capable of modifying the speaker’s sounds. This could then be used to add speech to the background of regular instruments such as violins, pianos, etc.

Of course, such a usage of electromagnetic radiation would violate numerous laws. Unfortunately, catching the tactic is difficult. And proving the tactic to those unfamiliar with physics, and with a motive to describe the tactic as unlikely or impossible, has led to rampant violations to be easily completed. And reporting such a tactic would likely lead to a discrediting of an individual via a mental health assertion that one hearing such a phenomena is mentally unstable.

Hijacking Attention


Since hearing voices embedded unnaturally in sounds is an indication of insanity, and not describable to the government’s courts or mental health systems as plausible with physics, parties with this technology have decided the tactic is something they can get away with. Particularly, invasion of people’s private spaces with this technology is something they feel confident they cannot get in any trouble for. Despite the creation of the FCC, the government does not have the willingness to catch and stop these actions.

This confidence in the ability to transmit electromagnetic energy into people’s property has led these parties to the belief that they can also transmit large amounts of electromagnetic energy into people’s heads. Whenever they want, at their whim, numerous transmitters can send electromagnetic energy to heat and induce electricity into people’s brains. They have a whole way of life and methodology of locating transmitting devices throughout their organizations properties, and infiltrating work projects on electrical grids to enable more coverage zones, including roads and inside people’s houses.

One thing that occurs when certain parts of the brain are seared with large amounts of electromagnetic radiation is a shift in attention, as well as the disappearance of independent cognition. I’ve discovered that the party capable of creating subliminal messaging in people’s music is also capable of forcing the brain’s attention centers to pay full attention to the sounds, effectively ending any other cognitive processes ability to enter internal awareness.

The effect is likely achieved not only via an electromagnetic beam into the attention centers, but also with a secondary beam capable of eliminating thought. I would imagine this to be some sort of brain bridge or communication pathway, which when overlaid with a high amplitude electromagnetic beam, becomes saturated, and converts the electrical impulses of current thoughts into a surge of current.

Content Examples


Examples of content vary.

One day the content may describe a half a decade old law enforcement suspicion, as if implying the messengers are a law enforcement organization.

The next day, the content may be about private sexual or bathroom habits observed with hidden surveillance systems.

The messages are apparently at the whim of the sender who creates them. And they appear to be computer programmable, in that once a message is set to a certain segment of music, it stays there. And the message repeats. Over and over again. So the messages, radiated into a speaker system or wiring, likely with high amplitudes of electromagnetic radiation, stay in someone songs and music, effectively destroying one’s ability to listen to music alone, and stripping enjoyment of the music as a punishment.



In conclusion, both law enforcement and the mental health industry have failed to protect Americans private property. They have also failed to protect people’s heads from being abused with whimsical usages of electromagnetic radiation weapons. Without speculating as to law enforcement organizations involvement, renting, or usage of these weapons themselves, I believe they should be protecting people from such weapons. And when such systems and tactics are reported, instead of covering up for the weapons owners, and sending people to the mental health facilities, they should investigate the weapon systems.

And they should certainly back up citizens who rightfully express their privilege of self defense against usages of such weapons when they can be accurately proven. Unfortunately, accurate proof is extremely difficult with distributed transmitters located about neighborhoods and grids, and the most valuable of information lies in finding the headquarters in which the most abusive tactics radiate from.


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