Covert Electromagnetic Knockout with High Amplitude Thalamus Attack

Electromagnetism can be and is commonly being used to cause annoyances, torture, injuries, and fatalities all over the world. Through reverse engineering, shielding, and observation, I’ve written about one method.

Basic electromagnetism

Electromagnetism is a property of molecules in which energy units, or electrons, attach themselves to atoms.

Sometimes, electrons move from atom to atom, creating electricity.

Sometimes, electrons vibrate, causing vibrations in neighboring electrons. This is called propagation, or transmission of electromagnetic energy.

When electromagnetic energy vibrates into or through an object, the electrons within the molecules of that object vibrate. If there are enough vibrations, or the object is conductive, then the vibrations might produce heat or current. This process is called induction. The vibrations may also continue, vibrating electrons in surrounding molecules.

Electric motors work based on induction, where the current in one side causes vibrations in the air, which moves another side of a motor. All because of electromagnetic induction, which is the movement of entire electron units because of powerful vibrations passing through the air’s electrons.

Basic Brain Theory

Even before the discovery of electricity, and the creation of the electron model, there was a discovery within a human body.

At some point, someone found humans had a mush embedded within their skulls, and labelled the stuff a brain.

These brains are extraordinarily complex, with productive functions which regulate motion, consciousness, decision making, cognition, perception, and much more.

Although the brains are complicated, they are known to be affected with chemicals, nutrients, sleep levels, and more. Unacknowledged by many on the streets, brains functions are also affected because of the quantity and motion of electrons within the molecules in the brain.

Scientific and medical terms such as event related potential reference electrons in motion within the brain, indicating the theory of electrons within the brain has some credence.

So at many levels, the proper functioning of the brain can be related to not only chemicals, but on a more basic level, electrical impulses and waveforms.

High Amplitude Electromagnetic Ray Transmission

As previously mentioned, electrons can convey vibrations to surrounding molecules. The type of molecules and space these vibrations occur in is called a medium. The most common medium is the air.

Different mediums have different molecules, which absorb (as heat or current), reflect, refract, or pass along electron vibrations in different directions and amplitudes. Conductive materials, such as metals, tend to reflect and absorb more vibrations, while non-conductive materials pass more vibrations alone undisturbed.

As a new example of a medium, the human brain can also be considered a medium. Unlike the air, the human brain consists of more molecules than the air molecules. The variety of molecules in the human brain is vast, but similar to air, the human brain is mostly considered a non-conductor or semi-conductor. At least compared to metal, the human brain will not receive large electromagnetic fields and move lots of weight about like electric motors can.

Because the brain is not a perfect non-conductor though, the human brain might absorb smaller percentages of electromagnetic radiation than metal. And because the brain does actually conduct electron current, some of this absorbed energy can hamper brain functions because it might change the brains natural current flows.

Of course, electromagnetic radiation can also heat the brain if the brain is being used as a medium for a powerful enough electromagnetic ray, or series of rays.

Although most overt commercial directional antennas can transmit directional rays, any conductive object with a power source can as well.


One part of the brain which may play a role as a medium of a high amplitude electromagnetic ray is the Thalamus. While it is likely each section of the brain can absorb some amount of radiation from one or many transmitting directional antennas (whether overt or hidden), the Thalamus allegedly has unique functions performed for the individuals containing the brains.

According to scientists, the Thalamus bears the responsibility of regulating senses, motor abilities, alertness, sleep, and consciousness. So within this area of the brain, there are regions, which when not acting as an electromagnetic ray medium, are transmitting electrons to enable individuals to observe, relate, and react to the world unimpeded.

Should the Thalamus be hit with a high amplitude electromagnetic ray, or a series of rays, it is possible these brain functions might instantly be disabled or heightened depending on the specific effects of electron current where the ray passes through. Because this part of the brain processes critical functions, this could be particularly damaging to an individual, depending on situation.

This theory of the brain absorbing electromagnetic radiation and converting some to current, of course, postulates that the brain has at least partially conductive materials, and that electromagnetic rays can product current in those materials. The first postulate has been answered by modern science, which asserts the brain uses current based systems to communicate electrical impulses. The second postulate has been answered by physics, which proves that even non-conductive materials can absorb radiation as heat (think magnifying glass and paper), and, if conductive, create current (think light sensor or brightness monitor).


If the Thalamus is the given example, then a unique set of risks is presented. Similar to driving tired, a dysfunction of the Thalamus for any reason could lead people to be less alert when they are in danger, or placing others in danger.

For example, if a number of covert transmitters are moved into position near a driver, and all burst searing amplitudes of electromagnetic radiation at a drivers Thalamus, the driver/rider/pilot might lose their ability to steer, accelerate, or brake for the interval of time in which the transmission is inducing electron current in the Thalamus.

About the only defense for such a driver would be to place metal in the pathway of any single or multiple rays, thus reflecting the energy away from their thalamus, or causing the energy to be absorbed in the metal and converted into electron current or heat.

Motorcycles/Choppers, cars, etc are all examples of when someone should be kept alert, and not have their Thalamus sabotaged by anything. Even a temporary loss of consciousness could put a vehicle on a collision course and cause an accident, especially if timing is enabled via remotely operated high powered focused beamed transmitters.

Similar to rock climbing, walking near a cliff edge, or walking near traffic as a pedestrian, full alertness should be available and not subverted by converting a human brain’s thalamus into an electromagnetic ray medium.

Although there is a risk of electromagnetic induction to human brains, it is important to consider most commercial equipment does not have sufficient amplitude, aim, or timing to create a perfect storm for an individual’s brain. Examples of electromagnetic rays which are harmless are for purposes such as comms/entertainment. So it is important to consider that, although brains can be manipulated with electromagnetism, not all equipment is designed to be, can be sabotaged to be, or of sufficient power to be harmful.

Enragement, another low life transmitting party tactic

In addition to impeding consciousness and alertness, the brain has functions regulating emotions. One example emotion is enragement. You always hear of people getting road raged, and running people over in the news.

You might assume the person is just naturally anger, or maybe has been covertly gassed with some new aerosol to cause chemically induced anger. Well, you might be surprised that enragement might also be relatable to electron current in the brain, which if targeted, created instantaneous anger and possibly hissy fits.

Of course transmitting at people subversively during their most dangerous times would be a good priority of something to catch and stop. But also consider much of the human brain’s performance as an electromagnetic ray medium might cause discomfort or torture depending on the number of repetitions, brain region targeted, and how the brain is targeted.

Even without directly causing emotional enrangements with radiation, these might cause natural enragements over a period of time. For example, a system could be rigged to interrupt people’s thought repeatedly over the course of years with electromagnetic radiation, reducing their quality of thought in a way they are explicitly aware of.

Covert Measurement Techniques

                There are a variety of measures which can be made of the air to check for electromagnetism. The risk of sharing too much information about covert measurement techniques means that more people with transmitters will be able to avoid being caught better.

One basic method of measurement involves causing some amount of the radiation to enter into something conductive which can be measured. As a commercial example, an antenna attached to a cable can pick up electromagnetism from the air. The cable can then be connected to equipment, such as an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer, to find qualities such as amplitude and location. Some equipment can create digital records of the electromagnetism in the air.

Items that don’t look like standard antennas can still be used to measure electromagnetism in space. For example, people can fashion clothing which contains conductive metal, or put tinting on their windows with conductive metal, and connect them to electronic recorders.

Then, if they are hit with electromagnetic energy of a large amplitude, equipment could register the event, and be used to find and retaliate against any transmitting party or transmitter location.

Further, objects capable of acting as transmitters, whether by original design, or by intentional misuse, can be measured also. Electronic transmitters will have current flow. So, for example, if a city blocks power utility components have some way of beaming energy at people when unusual waveforms are passed through them, measurement equipment placed on the power equipment can enable measurement.

The same is true for cars, RVs, housing ventilation/air units, antennas, etc.


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