More Sonic Weapon Anal Torture Tactics

WARNING: Rude content. True content.

With thousands of distributed emitters available in most urban settings, all precision engineered and aimed with fancy computer algorithms, a single minded sonic weapon operator can wage covert remote warfare on people’s anuses invisibly.  This is through air molecule vibrations that travel like sound, but soundlessly, and arrive at people’s asses and go through clothes, to be absorbed within peoples rectums, anal cavities, bowels, and skeletal systems.

Here is a list of American interstate Sonic Weapon Anal Torture Tactics.

Hitting the outside of the asshole with sonic energy to create an annoying disturbance.

Hitting the inside portion of the anal muscles while someone is shitting to force closing of the asshole, to cause more shit to smear onto the asshole, and thus make wiping the asshole more of a task.

Hitting the bowels and lower stomach muscles with sonic energy to attempt to force very big shits to come out much faster with a much wider asshole, thus decreasing the amount of muscle pressure that can be placed on the shit with the anal muscles, and increasing the risk of an overly wide asshole which would then thus risk anal retention or blow outs if the shit is too wide.

Hitting the asshole with sonic energy while one is attempting to ejaculate, thus decreasing the concentration on the penis, and distracting with an obnoxious intrusion to the asshole.

Hitting the asshole with sonic energy as one is attempting to sleep, while also transmitting electromagnetic energy at the portions of the brain responsible for spatial awareness.

Hitting the skeletal system of or near the asswiping hand with sonic energy while in motion wiping the asshole, in an attempt to cause bare hand to touch the unwiped asshole, cause tearing of the toilet paper, or missing of the toilet paper to toilet throw.

Reflecting larges amounts of sonic energy off shit while it is inside the bowels to increase the size of the shit, or even physically move the shit around in the lower stomach.
Using voice inducing sonic systems to converse with people audibly while they are shitting, wiping, or receiving sonic weapons to a bathroom.

Your home may have all or more of these systems aimed in through vents, attics, windows, under doors, etc, from properties and power systems within a mile radius of your property, with operators trained in these tactics.  If not, try for yourself with a timeshare.  Call now, and ask for your favorite brand of anal sonic weapon torture, and if your lucky, get x-ray/gamma brain surge jams for free!



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