To Congress: Some new cognition control regulation line items.

Some regulations line items which should go into the upcoming cognition control law.  They cannot be trusted to maintain ethical procedures on their own for very long.

-Breaking concentration and attention through ultrasonic impacts, or electromagnetic induction

-Overriding of voltages in locations for individual thoughts, willpower, private cognition, etc.

-Spamming communications at the cost of regular thought

-Harassing communications

-Destroying, interfering with, or maliciously attempting to command mental activity, practiced or learned systems of thought, etc

-Interfering with memory recollection or affecting the physical storage of memories in the brain in psychologically negative or punitively repetitive.

-Shutting off visual imagination while one is imagining

-Replacing ones imaginings with offensive photographs. For example male organs to males.

-Making fake psychic agreements, coercing action under false pretenses, etc

-Providing false or malicious information to sabotage oneself through thoughts and planning.

-Making threats to a person, their family members, friends, etc within their own brain.

-Effecting actions which best be left to individual choice or natural intuition

-Attempting to command or coerce individuals to cover up for covert murders, torture, assaults, etc

-Interfering with reading comprehension with ultrasound, control of attention, jamming of cognition, or detracting thoughts.

-Replacing word selection, vocabulary, etc, with automated systems which interfere with or replace natural meaning with repetitive, rude, intrusive, and obnoxious meanings.

-Allowing someone with a conflicting preference wishing to communicate or control about, of, or because of their preference access to any systems which affect the anatomy or neurology of any living being, be it human or animal. Nor allowing them the ability to create computer programs which control the thought of any members of any population on earth.

-Interrupting the work of people, for example, screwing with their brain while they are interpreting annoying clients, messing with their thought while they are working, or impeding their work with neurological sabotage.

-Entrapping, or increasing risk of entrapment of people to discredit them to law enforcement.

-Deleting access to or tyrannically selecting memory of people at any time, for example, to recall the worst memories possible over and over again.

-Causing or increasing risk of interpersonal relationship sabotage, death, maiming, injury, destruction of one’s belongings, or any of this to another when self-defense debts are not to be repaid.

-Pretending to be from an organization one is not from with communications into the brain.

-Controlling and creating beliefs, thoughts, or cognition against the interest of the brain of the technology target.

-Creating the belief that one cannot think for oneself, and all thought must be provided by a controlling party, while continuously jamming and interfering with one’s own thoughts.

-Overriding ones nervous system to send signals or cues which would conflict with one’s own preference.


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