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Energy System Attacks On Readers

Summary, Purpose, and Scope: This article describes a number of tactics with electromagnetism and ultrasound which have been used to interrupt my reading comprehension and interpretation for over six years. I have alluded to situations and circumstances outside the scope of the article, because the same technologies could have been used to cause other problems in people’s lives. Although these allusions might confirm neurological takeovers in unrelated attacks, the main focus is on interruptions to thought while reading.
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The 13th Amendment – Brain Control, Synthetic Telepathy, and Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Torture

The American Civil War was started when a number of states decided to leave the United States. These states general motive was to allow the enslavement of entire populations, mostly based on race. Other states, in the north, decided they would not allow this, and thus the civil war began.
After over a million bloody deaths, the civil war was finally finished. One accomplishment of all this bloodletting was the 13th amendment. The 13th amendment abolished slavery and involuntary servitude.
The technologies of the time which enabled slavery were basic weapons, whips for example. Because the technology was so visible, and the slavery so obvious, the 13th amendment was enforced, and slaves were freed.
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