The 13th Amendment – Brain Control, Synthetic Telepathy, and Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Torture

The American Civil War was started when a number of states decided to leave the United States. These states general motive was to allow the enslavement of entire populations, mostly based on race. Other states, in the north, decided they would not allow this, and thus the civil war began.
After over a million bloody deaths, the civil war was finally finished. One accomplishment of all this bloodletting was the 13th amendment. The 13th amendment abolished slavery and involuntary servitude.
The technologies of the time which enabled slavery were basic weapons, whips for example. Because the technology was so visible, and the slavery so obvious, the 13th amendment was enforced, and slaves were freed.

Brain Control

Unfortunately, in the year 2016, the technology of slavery is not so visible. Further, the 13th amendment is not enforced. Through manipulation, hijacking, and take-over of citizens neurology, slaves can be made and put to work.
While the methods and techniques of brain control vary greatly, telling someone what to do with information fed directly into their brain is one method of enslavement. Most people can ignore normal thoughts, though, and aren’t necessarily willing to obey basic thoughts. And so a number of more invasive tactics have been devised.
Most tactics are manipulative. Direct stimulation of the emotional centers of the brain, impulsivity to perform some action, and more can all coerce modern day slaves into knowingly laboring for unknown technologists. For those unwilling to cooperate with the enslavement technologies, a number of torture tactics are also performed covertly.

Torture with Ultrasound Devices

Habitual invasions of the brain and body with ultrasonic weapons is a modern day enslavement tactic. The tools, which are emitters of invisible sonic energy, are flung into people’s houses, cars, and bodies. The number of available tools are many, with some cities having almost full coverage with a high amplitude available at most locations. With precision computerized algorithms, steady yet low amplitudes can be aimed and combined to deliver fairly large blasts of energy at people, even on their private property.
These systems are used for those disobedient to the slaver. For example, if the enslaver wants to discourage legitimate private choice, a ultrasonic weapon can be used on the person when they exercise their freedom of choice. Just like the whip, the modern day slaves can be manipulated with sonic energy to follow their master’s wishes.

Torture with Electromagnetic Radiation

Similar to ultrasonic weapons hidden throughout America, hidden electromagnetic transmitters are used to enslave citizens. Aside from the overriding of people’s thoughts with a masters demands, electromagnetic radiation can be used to destroy people’s individual thoughts. Attacks to the midbrain, triggered with a computer program based on monitored data, can shut off an individual’s free will and ability to think. Not only can this then be used to claim an individual’s enabled thoughts are gifts of a benevolent master, but that by not shutting off someone’s thoughts, they are somehow being rewarded.
Electromagnetic radiation as a pain generating weapon is also a tool of modern enslavement. The radiation can burn and sear people from the inside. The radiation can create discomforting, or even deeply disturbing perceptions when targeting the emotional centers of the brain. The slave masters just burn right into people’s brains by targeting multiple rays of radiation into their head.
The 13th amendment is no longer enforced. Through technology, the worst people on earth have learned to take over the human mind and body, and are practicing and developing these techniques throughout America and likely throughout the world. People’s work lives are being destroyed through torture, and then coerced into performing free labor with manipulation and rewards.
Freedom of choice is not possible if the actual electronic potential in the brain which enables it is being subjected to high amplitudes of precisely targeted, multi-vectored electromagnetic radiation. The electrical potential is simply surged or cancelled in the brain of the enslaved.
As with the first civil war, it’s time to fight for the 13th amendment. The only thing holding the world back is the ability to locate and find both the technology of the enslavers, and the enslavers themselves. Only then can this threat to freedom be eradicated.
Hopefully law enforcement and ethical members of the government can fight this for everyone else, without having to entice too much free labor themselves. There needs to be means and modes of identification, proof, and self-defense, whether physical or through the criminal justice system.


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