Energy System Attacks On Readers

Summary, Purpose, and Scope: This article describes a number of tactics with electromagnetism and ultrasound which have been used to interrupt my reading comprehension and interpretation for over six years. I have alluded to situations and circumstances outside the scope of the article, because the same technologies could have been used to cause other problems in people’s lives. Although these allusions might confirm neurological takeovers in unrelated attacks, the main focus is on interruptions to thought while reading.

Fighting ‘em to the death

Over the past many years, I have found a number of covert weapon systems have appeared around my neighborhood. I have found these systems through reverse engineering their effects upon my person, and their travel within the physics of my environment. I have found similar systems some places when I travel, and some places I have found completely different systems.  Not all systems are bad, or have bad effects, but when unregulated, covert brain control systems can be used to get away with some very invasive tactics on large numbers of people.

Although I am unsure of which organization is responsible for the covert installations and control of covert electronic transmitters and ultrasound transducers throughout America, I have found most are poorly managed, and are able to get away with habitual abuse upon American citizens. I strongly suspect this to be an international problem.

Rarely in the past six years have I been anywhere with no systems at all. Because coverage of physiologically invasive electromagnetic systems in America is much greater than that of ultrasound, there are more regions with precision aimed electromagnetic energy systems than ultrasound .  I attribute this to the relative range of ultrasound to electromagnetism, with electromagnetism losing less energy through space, and thus travelling further and straighter with the same amount of energy. Also, there are more unshielded metal components throughout America optimized for electromagnetic transmission than ultrasound emission. Keep in mind, any piece of metal with current flow transmits something, but to produce ultrasound, the entire object has to move, not only current.  The vulnerability is especially true of the power grid systems, but also true of electrical powered systems on people’s private or commercial properties.

With various personal experiments while reading, I’ve found there are a number of different electromagnetic and ultrasound systems and tactics which, when used against a person while reading a book, can deprive that person of their thoughts and concentration. Beyond thought deprivation, there are ways in which ones own brain features can be used against oneself, such as in the overstimulation of the emotional centers of the brain, activation of memories unrelated to reading material, or overriding of one’s own thoughts with induced electrical current.

These systems have been used on me over the past 6 years, and they have incrementally grown in number and power. From time to time, I get an overriding thought, through invasive synthetic telepathy, which forces me to think and believe the systems are justified from some perceived victimless crime I committed while under control from another invasive system. I believe these are not local police, but vial evil tyrants who periodically use advanced synthetic thought systems to force believes on their electromagnetic and ultrasound energy targets.

Both the brainwashing and energy attacks are not only civil and criminal violations in America, but also Constitutional violations. Because they are very difficult to prove, many people are conditioned to keep everything a secret. Few know the full extent of their use, and there is very little or no judicial and legislative involvement. I hope to change this with not only scientific and technical information, but rational observations of my experiences as both a long term soft-kill radiation target, and an ultrasound weapon target.

Both inside and outside of America, my hopes are industries will recognize the threat, and create products which can help protect people and detect these hostile systems. Also internationally, my hopes are that governments will create legislation against the threat, and enforce the law against those using brain overriding technologies for harassment. My hopes are that governments and corporations will not try to use this knowledge to build their own tactics, and will do everything possible to create a powerful rebellion against any that do.

Join the fight.

I do not believe any legislation in my country overrides my rights to be free of slavery and use free speech, and have done everything possible to keep my descriptions to technology which invades my person and property. There is a propaganda campaign which goes along with the manufactured systems which fosters the belief that describing these atrocities, which cause damage to people bestowed with human rights, would be treason against my government or some vindictive foreign power. There is no formal identification card which would identify hidden electromagnetic transmitters and ultrasound transducers as belonging to my government, and if anyone would like to overtly identify the owners of these systems, I would love to learn where they are headquartered.

In the case of anyone else providing information, I would not personally fault anyone with an interest in defending themselves and others from cruel tyranny of enemies of freedom. I would be disappointed if no one found these people’s headquarters. So, if by providing my information I am breaking a law, I would happily sacrifice myself to help prove the growing threat to the world from covert neurological and physiological invasions. Hopefully I won’t have to sacrifice more than my pen, as I believe my government protects me and my ability to share information critical to humanity, including sharing info critical to defense of self internationally over a global internet.

Although I am absolutely sure those who wrote my countries Constitution, and manage it, would approve of my disclosure, just to be safe, if applicable, I will use the scientific description of wavelength rather than frequency, and trajectory rather than vector. And on this specific account, where I describe physics, technology, and neurology in detail, I will not connect any specify locations with the advanced electromagnetic and ultrasound control systems. Further, on this account, I will not personally provide the full names of anyone I believe might be working secretly for a government entity, nor, directly, associate that name with a government entity.

Ultimately, I’d like my information to be found at the United Nations to teach them what can happen when people’s brains are completely controlled. This is in the hopes that they may see the evidence of what is known by few, and may start international negotiations for many. In the long run, freeing the world from harassment, slavery, torture, death, and genocide covertly spawned from neurological and physiological invasions may improve and save millions of lives.

The scope of this article is in the context of harassment, slavery, and torture, although I suspect a number of suicides and murder motives to be generated by such technologies.

Tactic #1: Ultrasound Trajectories Into Skull To Have A Vibrational Impact

Ultrasound streams can be sent to merge with surrounding ultrasound streams, creating predictable trajectories. Ultrasound can also be aimed very precisely. And large amounts of energy can be built up through cycling and resonating energy over time, for example in people’s rooms or attacks, or even throughout neighborhoods.

Ultrasound weapon streams aimed into people’s skulls have the ability to cause vibrations to be absorbed in the skull as impacts. If numerous streams of ultrasound are aimed into the skull, and calculated to bounce off the inner skull and collide at fixed points within the brain, that part of the brain can be interrupted more energy than occurs at any single stream point.

A target of this attack has a chance of detecting the attack through listening for ultrasound reflections off objects in space. Further, until the controlling computer system is advanced enough to counter it, flexing and changing muscle positioning where the ultrasound is travelling through will change the resistance to ultrasound. Physical vibrations in the muscles might then become perceivable, and ultrasound reflections in space more prevalent. The time to hunt down these systems and destroy them, and their operators, is now, before they advance their ability to stealth themselves further.

Through observation, I have found the tactic of jamming ultrasound into the skull used on me while reading. I suspect the system used to be highly sophisticated and precise, with a large financial backing in its development. This system uses numerous hidden ultrasound transducers situated throughout my neighborhood, and I’ve found similar systems throughout my city, and even in cities where I have travelled.

I’ve only visited one other location where I’ve seen the effects of distributed ultrasound systems with as much power as is available around my neighborhood. I can say for a fact they have enough energy to kill me through internal disruptions of the skull, but to their credit, they have kept me alive wishing for death.

Theirs… only theirs.

Trajectory #2: Ultrasound Into Other Body Parts To Create Sensory Distractions

Although directly impacting the brain at certain points, likely the midbrain, can interrupt thoughts, impacting the body can also be distracting. If one’s own body is being interrupted continuously, or at spike intervals, while reading, the reader may lose concentration through distraction.

Due to the poor reception of my past article on the creative usages of ultrasound torture systems, I will refrain from too much detail.

I will say the ultrasound interruptions to both the brain and body are often backup systems used when I have shielded my space and head from electromagnetic radiation with reflective metallic objects or radar absorbing materials.

Stimulation of Portions of the Brain Unrelated to Language Interpretation

Electromagnetism passing through the brain can induce currents. Although not as much current induction occurs as in, for example, a metal radiation inductive device (hint: antenna).

Based on my experience as a human radiation inductive device, I have found there are systems of thought which can turn on and off nearly instantly. I believe this is because of electrical stimulation at locations of the brain which enable cognitive processing of information. These conscious experiences appear to be independent of the information which is processed, which is likely sent electrically through other circuits, or regions, of the brain.

Through remotely jolting these parts of the brain, these tyrants controlling the transmitters can interrupt naturally occurring language interpretation, and induce thoughts of unrelated topics. The unrelated information likely comes from parts of the brain unrelated to conscious interpretation of language. So they are likely exciting or inducing current in regions in which unrelated information is loaded.

To compare, imagine being in a television store. Although there are many televisions in the store, you are standing in front of one and focusing on the content. Now, imagine someone has a control system which causes you to forcefully move your head and eyes to view another television. You have now lost your content source based on someone else’s usage of force, preventing you from viewing the content you would want to.

Obviously, if someone physically forced you, against your consent (that’s critical), then you would have a privilege of self-defense. Unfortunately, when someone’s brain is being irradiated with electromagnetic energy to force a content change, they cannot respond with force because they would have difficulty proving they’re exercising self-defense to a courtroom. My hopes are that will change in the future and people will be able to defend themselves both inside and outside the courtroom.


Electromagnetism To Cognitive Processing Centers To Foster Surging or Cancellation of Thought Systems

Just like some parts of the brain can be stimulated into causing unrelated thoughts, some parts of the brain can likely be stimulated to cancel or destroy thoughts. I have noted thoughts simply disappear while I have them. Sometimes there is a noticeable effect as the thought disappears, a sort of odd glow or anxiety in some space in my head, although sometimes the thought is simply gone.

A few times over the years, immediately after the thought has been cancelled, I’ve observed an acoustic transmission from advanced acoustic systems. These said the keywords, “I can cut off your head.”  There was no information provided as to whether or not these were from information sources, or audio communications from the electromagnetic attackers themselves. This is a first hint of possibly externally verifiable evidence, although I have no clue who the other party was, or whether their acoustic projections were from passing traffic or not.

Another means of verification is something many of us already know. Mathematics. Through mathematical drilling, or the repeated attempt to focus on the same thought, one can more objectively measure their own brain’s reaction to an environment. Imagine a friend taught you how to graph things on a mathematical axis. Well, if you visualize the axis, and count along the axis, you can observe how your brain is being interrupted by electromagnetic radiation or ultrasound weapons. A normal sequence of thought would be predictable and uninterruptable, especially after repeated drilling, but if your brain is being interrupted all the time, your thought would be cutting out and you would have to refocus. In such a situation, hate to say it, your brain is being completely controlled, and the drill should educate you on what intervals the control system is both enabling the creation of and shutting off your thought.

If such interruptions are occurring while reading, then the dynamic interpretation of information would be similarly interrupted.

The electromagnetic radiation to my brain is not only used to cut off thoughts as I have them, but I’ve found these may be running fairly constantly, depriving me of naturally occurring thought most of the time at home and work, not as much elsewhere. I suspect the attack, which cuts off thought, is also used just before exciting alternate regions of the brain unrelated to reading, such as in the previous section. This would be to delete any thoughts I have before unrelated thoughts are injected from whatever region of the brain, or electrical pathway, provides the unrelated meaning.

So this would mean most of the time, I don’t realize any naturally occurring thoughts from various regions of the brain, but when reading, I receive information from portions of the brain unrelated to language interpretation.

This is tyranny and enslavement which has subverted law.

Interference of Portions of the Brain Related to Language Interpretation

As mentioned, some portions of the brain can be activated to provide thoughts unrelated to reading. This could be because of some part of the brain which routes information is electromagnetically stimulated, or large amounts of radiation has induced stimulation in parts of the brain which aren’t normally providing thought.

There does also appear to be a way to interfere with portions of the brain to provide no information. My best guess is based on the amplitude of electrical signals. If too much power induces current in a part of the brain, the current flow will be surged rather than stimulated. If normal thought is a small amount of current, and a large amount of current flow occurs because of the arrival of invasive radiation through the air, then the normal thought’s current will be replaced with a surge.

For all I know I could be wrong, my next best guess is based on the location of the electromagnetic radiation. If some parts of the brain responsible for language interpretation accept current to create thoughts, than other parts might accept current to nullify thoughts. For example, a television can be shut off with current flow which provides a “power off” command, and even though the command might be delivered with current, it causes the shut off of current elsewhere. If there are specific regions or parts of the brain in which current flow shuts off or reduces information flow, they may have found this one.

Shunting, Cancellation, or Surging of Portions of the Brain Unrelated to Language Interpretation

Other portions of the brain, when stimulated, can have weird effects. There are electrical circuits in the brain for things such as eye movement, visual perception, and emotion. A ruthless tyrant wielding and aiming electromagnetic energy into the brain can cause motion impulses into the brains circuitry, or cause flashes of light, or cause negative emotions, such as sadness.

In the case of motion, normal movement requires a certain voltage, or amount of power, at a specific location in the brain or body. If too much power, or unwanted power, is applied through electromagnetic radiation to the brain or nervous system, these could interrupt one’s reading.

Next, the visual centers of the brain provide tons of useful intelligence. I’ve experienced flashes of white and black light when these are surged, usually in the peripherial vision. These, possibly optical nerves, certainly interrupt reading, and my attackers generally target these when I am moving my eyes from one line to the next.

As a side note, it is possible to cause small, bright flashes light outside someone’s eyes to create a similar effect.

Finally, surges to emotional processing areas can cause negative emotions, which then could be applied towards the material ones reading, or simply as distracting experience.



Replacement of Pathways in the Brain With Electromagnetically Induced Electrical Potentials Which Become Thought

As electrical activity within the brain produces thought, it is theoretically possible that some thought is spawned through electromagnetic radiation. In my experience, I have noted harassing thoughts are provided when my eyes are passing over words, which when interpreted out of context, provide an unwanted meaning. One example would words with slanderous alternate meanings, or words that one might recognize negatively.

I have mostly experienced these as weird feelings in my head, or weird effects, which distract me from my current context. I’ve read about more advanced capabilities, and believe the people with the ultrasound weapons might have, or contract with organizations that have, advanced thought capabilities, but the rudimentary IG Farben style attacks are all I’ll describe. They appear geared not to provide legitimate information, or enhance reading, but instead to provide a harassing alternate meaning, which, if not build through the study of language, is unnatural and would likely not occur without external electromagnetic radiation equipment. So if your brain starts having weird effects at specific keywords, someone may be electromagnetically harassing you with a system triggered based on you seeing words with an alternate connotation or denotation.

It should also be noted that some of the tactics previously mentioned appear to be used to force or encourage a rude interpretation. The aimed beam, or set of simultaneous beams, which shut off thought, are used immediately before the weird stimulation effects, supposedly to encourage the chance that a misinterpretation will be made.

I’ve also noted that with some of the same words these tactics are used, ultrasound is used sometimes, indicating the people with the ultrasound attack systems are also using electromagnetic attack systems. Or at least they are attacking at the same keywords.

Radiating At Precise Regions of the Brain To Trigger Selective Memory at Specific Intervals

The human brain contains a complex memory system, which when exercised and used properly, can be conditioned to provide a human with good memories of written word, visual objects, etc. Reading is a great way to exercise memory, and to create new thought.

The human memory system is physically located within the brain. In the human brain, electromagnetic energy may be responsible for the specific selection of memory. Through irradiating the human brain with electromagnetic energy, whether at specific power levels or locations, specific selectivity might be possible.

These have been used to cause reoccurring, obnoxious, and harassing events to occur to me in numerous past situations, mostly though, while reading, and while interpreting spoken language. It’s as if someone has a computer system monitoring what I read and hear, and at times, decides to trigger a specific embarrassing, harassing, or annoying memory.


For any individuals, organizations, or nation states wishing to aid in this modern day battle for freedom, I suggest learning how to measure electromagnetic radiation and ultrasound in the air, monitor electrical systems, and perhaps even monitor people’s brains during attacks.

From my view, these people are capable of and have committed many atrocities, many worse than soft kill radiation attacks. Consider anyone willing to harass and torture is willing to commit murder, potentially mass murder. They need to be stopped by any means necessary, and if this is a global problem, it needs to be a global fight.


Although I cite and allude to information from numerous other sources and locations on the internet, I am not providing them, or connecting them to this blog article.

Copyright and sharing

This intelligence can be shared freely only if the article is not shared in parallel with any information which could be used or compared to identify the author.

Further, parties utilizing electromagnetic or ultrasound systems to attack or influence people’s brains and bodies against their consent may not share this article at risk of copyright infringement and other retaliation.

This article cannot be shared with any enemies of the United States, or countries or persons embargoed by the United States on risk of copyright infringement or other retaliation.

This article legally authorized and sent with cognitive permission from non-tyrannical intelligence sources.


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