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URGENT: Special Request For A Little Girl

I have an urgent special request for a little girl. Firstly, I have to apologize for allowing this request priority over my next planned article about Ultrasonic’s spatial amplitude amplification procedures. I know Ultrasonics is important, followed with homosexual brain control, counter-terrorism, and homicide prevention. Because of the urgency of the matter, this request had to be sent fast, even before my next article about Ultrasonics.
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Anonymous Counter-terrorism Data Exchange System Ideas


Problems preventing anonymous communication of relevant information:

  • International agreements or lack thereof.
  • Risk to individuals or groups being identified by terrorists or pseudo-terrorist parties which use ultrasound and electromagnetic torture and control to punish and prevent terrorist information disclosure.
  • Risk of individuals or groups being identified as spying for or on a country or party.
  • Lack of global streamlined anonymous communication system.

                This solution is a global counter-terrorism information website, with an anonymous contact form.
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