Anonymous Counter-terrorism Data Exchange System Ideas


Problems preventing anonymous communication of relevant information:

  • International agreements or lack thereof.
  • Risk to individuals or groups being identified by terrorists or pseudo-terrorist parties which use ultrasound and electromagnetic torture and control to punish and prevent terrorist information disclosure.
  • Risk of individuals or groups being identified as spying for or on a country or party.
  • Lack of global streamlined anonymous communication system.

                This solution is a global counter-terrorism information website, with an anonymous contact form.

Problem One

“International agreements or lack thereof”

Obviously there are some international relationships that are so bad that some people might choose inaction, although this could be a moral problem for them if they could save lives. A history of warfare between nations might be an example of why relevant counterterrorism information might not be shared, even though civilians fall outside the category of modern warfare when possible.

Aside from warfare, both overt and covert, the first problem is one that could normally be ignored. If some party or country knows of an impending attack which might target innocent civilians, but they don’t have a formal agreement, most normal people would still try to help somehow. The more ways of anonymously sharing information informally there are, the more lives could be saved.

Leaks are one way of solving the first problem. When lives could be saved, leaking information in spite of a lack of an international agreement is possible. This can cause problems if a leaker is caught, and leads into problem numbers two and three.

Leaks are also a means of exposing parties or groups which have the information, but who do not share the information. Especially if only partial information is known, a pre-emptive leak is one common way of exposing parties which do not share counterterrorism information when it is relevant. This type of leak could certainly be a motive for groups which use covert energy torture on people involved in pre-emptive, partial counterterrorism leaks, because it exposes a party, organization, or country for not sharing the information.

These types of torture systems mentioned vastly reduce both types of leaks, and subvert international agreements of all kinds. They also cause domestic conflicts within countries.

Problem Two

“Risk to individuals or groups being identified by terrorists or pseudo-terrorist parties which use ultrasound and electromagnetic torture and control to punish and prevent terrorist information disclosure.”

There are powerful parties with advanced products that don’t want to save innocent civilian lives. While they may be terrorists themselves, they may also be running covert interference for terrorists. These actions might be without any direct relationship with, or collusion with, the terrorists. They might simply be watching the terrorists, or using the counterterrorism information they have to stop sharing of information from others who know to relevant parties.

They do so using violently guarded secret weapon systems which use invisible energy to compromise, torture, and control people. And when they discover leaks of any kind, whether full exposure, or partial pre-emptive leaks, they will hunt down and attack the leakers with covert energy systems.

This is the modern problem of leaking or sharing information related to international counterterrorism. And this is also the real reason why counterterrorism information isn’t leaked, because people can get tortured for leaking.

If you want to see why, read my article on ultrasonic weapon anal torture tactics.

Are they a government entity torturing people, or are they private?

Are they prohibiting sharing of life saving information for ideological reasons, for their country, or for money?

Who is torturing? The answer is whoever would be building, installing, covering up for, and operating ultrasonic and electromagnetic weapon systems and torturing people with them. The answer may not the intuitive first response one would guess, and needs to be found using scientific evidence, not mainstream propaganda against spy agencies. Measurement of voltages applied to emitters and transmitters, as well as measures of electromagnetic and ultrasonic energy distributed in space is a topic for another article.

And short of finding Ultrasonics brand headquarters, and finding a number of employees operating advanced surveillance systems aimed at people’s private parts, and also aligning ultrasonic and electromagnetic weapons at their privates and brains, the answer of who is still an ongoing question.

And as long as this question is unanswered, lives will continue to be lost…

Problem Three

“Risk of individuals or groups being identified as spying for or on a country or party.”

There will be fewer and fewer leakers if the risk of being identified and tortured is greater. Further, being identified as spying for a country internationally, habitually, is not the best thing for individuals. While this might not result in systematic and constant torture all the time, it might result in online stalking, threats to family members, loss of business etc.

The risk to agents, or compulsory volunteers, identities can be reduced with increased discretion and protection of identifying information of people involved in counterterrorism leaks or sharing of information. While systems or locations used to leak this kind of information might be subject to surveillance, and the surveilling parties themselves might be watched, the risks can be reduced.

Especially online, where information sharing becomes digital.

Problem Four

Lack of global streamlined anonymous communication system.

Most governments do not have decent systems setup to receive information online. They might have websites, and might only translate it into some languages. Some might block the information from arriving.

One solution is for governments to improve their websites to receive information. Of course, this means problems two and three might become relevant if a visitor is tracked.

The solution

This solution is a global counterterrorism information website, with an anonymous contact form.

Problem 1:

The website would handle communications from the contact form to each country, thus encapsulating the information from international agreements. This would encourage anyone willing to send live saving information, regardless of international agreements, to send the information.

Problem 2:

Prevent, prohibit, and discourage tracking and logging of identifying information of computers providing international counterterrorism information.

Identify and address parties seeking to stop the spread of counterterrorism information using ultrasonic and electromagnetic torture and control.

Allow countries to choose to participate by asking, and measuring whether they seek to identify and punish leakers. Or find if they work to prohibit and prevent ultrasonic and electromagnetic torture and control, and other unethical tactics against their, or others, populations.

Problem 3:

Encourage protection of identities of those who have been caught leaking counterterrorism related information.

Problem 4:

Build the receiving website to:

  • Be very secure. Maybe an encrypted website
  • Not track visitors identifying characteristics
  • Distribute information to relevant countries through secure internet channels
  • Ask member countries not allow tracking of visitors over internet routers when connecting to the website
  • Inform visitors about the risk of ultrasonic and electromagnetic weapons and control systems, and provide resources on identifying, disclosing, and countering them.
  • Translate to any language
  • Advertise the receiving website internationally

Copyright and sharing

This article can be shared freely only if the article is not shared in parallel with any information which could be used or compared to identify the author.

Further, parties utilizing electromagnetic or ultrasound systems to attack or influence people’s brains and bodies against their consent may not share this article at risk of copyright infringement and other retaliation.

This article, and other free speech, legally authorized under the First Amendment.


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