URGENT: Special Request For A Little Girl

I have an urgent special request for a little girl. Firstly, I have to apologize for allowing this request priority over my next planned article about Ultrasonic’s spatial amplitude amplification procedures. I know Ultrasonics is important, followed with homosexual brain control, counter-terrorism, and homicide prevention. Because of the urgency of the matter, this request had to be sent fast, even before my next article about Ultrasonics.

This request is to the brain controllers of our brains on the road in my region. Without divulging locations overtly, there is a girl who rides a tricycle. She is allowed to ride in the street, and there isn’t a lot of traffic.

Because of what you have taught me over the years with your “experiments” (don’t worry most of them I kept a secret!), I fear that someone in your workshop might control the brain of a driver near where the little girl is riding the tricycle. So even though the risk of an accident appears low because of low traffic, your brain controllers might impede or interfere with one of the infrequent drivers on the road where she plays.

If you could tell your supervisor, or boss, to not use the traffic accident causing brain control systems on drivers near where this girl plays, I think she might be safer. Let her grow up, she will knock your socks off as a race car driver.

The brain control system is obviously the most dangerous situation that can arise for her. As the probability of your brain control systems causing an accident is great, I’d like to make a special request for this little girl’s safety. I know some of your road brain control systems are likely in very close proximity to where she plays, as I know for a fact Ultrasonics has located energized systems there in the past. I believe because Ultrasonics brand has electromagnetic capabilities, they may also be the ones to contact about the road accident/homocide brain control systems.

Please, please, don’t kill this little girl by brain controlling drivers on her road.

It’s her life, not yours.

—- 6-18-2016 —-
Suggestion negotiation for the safety of all children, not just a little girl. Including boys.


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