Gay Club Ultrasonics

Although working on an article describing distributed system specifications, I was force to re-prioritize and write an article on the recent gay club attacks, not only because Ultrasonics appears involved, but because counter-terrorism is an important priority as well.

Upon learning of the recent club terrorist attack, I couldn’t help but wonder what caused the casualty rate to be record breaking. After watching statements of people who were at the location, I chalked the oddity up to be related to Ultrasonics, and possibly, some of their electromagnetic product lines.

Through interpreting information from involved people, I concluded that Ultrasonics may have not only been operational at the club, possibly developing systems there, but also that the shooter’s wife and even the shooter himself may have been one of Ultrasonics targeted individuals.

I am dropping a few quick notes regarding observations and interpretations which may allude, albeit carefully, to Ultrasonics systems.
It should be noted that Youtube is full of information apparently attempting to cover up the attack, which was the largest single shooter attack in recent (all of?) American history. I attribute this to not only an organized effort by Ultrasonics and their customers, who are interested in pretending they weren’t involved, but potentially an international effort to impair recognition of the price that was paid by the club’s victims to terrorism.

Amanda Alvear’s cell phone video before becoming a shooting victim at club

1) Video starts with her pointing or scratching at her nose with what is a trigger finger. The itch was possibly an electromagnetic radiation induced itch which occurred as the first shots were fired.

2) As three shots were fired, she reduced attention from the unnatural nose itch, although was still distracted.

3) As the fifth or so shot was fired, possibly an ultrasound wave knocked off trajectory from the shots pushed her trigger finger to her cheek, distracting her further. Before the push, her trigger finger was possibly attempting to identify ultrasonic trajectories aimed into her eye socket and block them to measure for reduced amplitude of ultrasound waves entering her right eye socket.

When having multi-trajectory ultrasound aimed into one’s eyes, one can place their fingers or hands in the pathway of the ultrasound, thus reducing the amount of ultrasound arriving into the eyes.

4) Her eyes then both moved unnaturally all the way to the right, although she did not have an impulse to turn her entire head to the right, as one would naturally expect. The eye movement may have been caused by an energy system, and she may have missed the opportunity to get a visual on the shooter, and instead looked elsewhere into the gay place.

5) Her eyes then unnaturally moved front and center. This may have been from a pre-configured ultrasonic system moving her eyes through resonance in the eye sockets, forcefully causing discomfort and movement of the eyes. It is slightly possible an electromagnetic system was forcing her eye movements in the gay area.

The system appears pre-configured to cause her to look in a direction unhelpful for escaping a shooter.

6) She then blinked, perhaps in reflex to protect her eye sockets from ultrasound. Her blink was timed exactly to the sound waves from a gunshot, and so the trajectory of the sound from the gun shot may have interrupted the ultrasonic waves entering her eye sockets, possibly amplifying the resonance effect inside her eye sockets, and interrupting her into blinking.

If the gunman had recently shifted his aim, then the aim of the gunshots would also have change, possibly effecting ultrasound aimed at Amanda’s eyes (through reflection off a nearby object for example)

7) After roughly 14 shots, she breaks free of her control, and she looks in a direction in which the shooter might not be at based on the sound, although she may have been looking towards an exit

8) The video cuts out. If she had not been distracted, she would have had 14 shots worth of reaction time.

9) Another news source says that she later experienced neurological activity to cause her to decide to enter into the fray, rather than escaping. The reason given was she was going to look for a friend, although the video indicates she might not have even had a full visual of the scene due to controlling interference.

10) Amanda is reported as a tragic casualty

6-25-2016 Ultrasonics may have controlled Amanda’s eyes to allude to the Center for Lesbian Rights because her eyes moved to the right and to the center.


Sitora Yusufiy – The shooters wife

Some quick notes from her initial speech at

-Discussing waking up, she shakes her hands in the air, as if implying ultrasonic energy in the air when she was waking up.

“Shocked” – electromagnetic radiation induction

“Started shaking” – symptom of ultrasound weapon torture

“it shook me”

“take a while to process” – symptom of electromagnetic radiation and/or ultrasound into the portion of the brain responsible for processing information

“my sympathy, what I feel…What I feel..” – emphasizing she may be describing symptoms of Ultrasonics’ energy systems

“get mad out of nowhere” – Possibly describing her husbands reactions to ultrasonic or electromagnetic attacks

“I started worrying about my safety” – A reason for her unwillingness to describe her husbands anger in relation to attack systems, but instead to describe generic mental health symptoms

She still alluded to attacks on herself.

She discussed being abused and “not allowed to speak,” perhaps not only referencing her husband, but the invasive systems of Ultrasonics controlling her

“hostage from them” – Perhaps speaker held hostage via ultrasonic and high amplitude electromagnetic torture systems in addition to a husband reacting to the systems

“emotional instability..sickness (with hand implying an ultrasonic vector block).. mentally unstable..mentally ill” – Discusses observable symptoms of torture with invisible systems in language used by the mental health industry

“that’s the only explanation I can give” – may be coerced or punished for giving information about ultrasonic and high amp electromagnetic torture of her husband or herself

“he’s obviously disturbed…” – perhaps wording more based on physics disturbances, but then out of fear specifies “traumatized”, which alludes to physics less

“when he would get in his tempers he would express hate towards things” – she visible shakes herself while speaking, as if alluding to ultrasonic weapons which cause bodily shaking, and the undying hatred Ultrasonics induces in all their targets. Some could be tortured into violent extremism, such as what I suspect may have helped motivate her husband

More background information

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