A Jet Crash. The Orlando Shooter. Ultrasonics and FBC TV Cooperation.

The terms. The crimes. The calculations.

The terminology of FBC TV (not to be confused with the new stations, FBC TV stands for homosexual brain control utilizing invasive technologies to override imagination) describes certain replacement of visual thought with content in which homosexuals would view in private. The concepts and attack systems would constitute non-consensual brain control on a scale comparable with serious assault, and if used repeatedly, would accrue values comparable with more serious violent crimes.

If people, on average, get a couple of years in prison for sexual assault, and on average, get decades of years in prison for murder, then using FBC TV once on someone could be calculated as worth a few years in prison, and if used ten times, comparable with murder.

This type of brain control is also comparable with the crime of sending sexually explicit content or nude photographs over the airwaves to a television set, as the system probably transmits energy into the parts of the brain which create visual thought.

The FCC charges hundreds of thousands of dollars per transmission of such content into television sets, which doesn’t include calculating the assault that occurs on the brain when FBC TV is used.

Cooperation Between Ultrasonics and FBC TV

Sometimes the FBC TV system is used in perfect conjunction with Ultrasonics sexual assault systems. Precise timing of FBC TV attacks with Ultrasonics attacks around the same intervals indicates one of the following:

  • A common control center or headquarters sending FBC TV and Ultrasonic energy attacks
  • Knowing communication between an FBC TV controller and Ultrasonics
  • Either party spying on another party and sending attacks at the same time
  • Either party, or a third-party, controlling an attacking party to cause attacks to be synchronized

Rarely, FBC TV is used with a system which creates visual thoughts perceived in space, rather than an inner imagination. This has been used to supply offensive visual imagery in space at precise locations and times in which Ultrasonics has been used to attack anatomy.

FBC TV tactics evolving

FBC TV tactics are evolving with technological advancements in physics, neuroscience, and nanotechnology. Tactics include:

  • Attacks using traditional mediums and neurological pathways for overriding inner imagination
  • Attacks combining spatial processing with sent images
  • Attacks combining controlled emotional or perceptual reactions to the send images

Those implementing FBC TV also utilize an invasive system which can nullify independent inner thought instantly. This is likely using radiation to the brain to cut off thought at a neurological pathway in which thoughts travel as voltages into a processing center in the brain. Whether high amplitudes of energy, divided into multiple trajectories are used, or lower amplitudes into unknown and unmeasured conductive material are used, is unknown.

As a cooperative tactic, this thought cut-off system is used continually on people when interpreting information, attempting to think privately, or doing things outside the authorization of the brain controlling slave masters running the system. When electromagnetic barriers or absorbing materials is placed around most of the brain, Ultrasonics’ systems beam energy into the skull, which resonates and coalesces into the inner brain.

The tactic of cutting off inner thought is likely less complex than the tactic of overriding and replacing inner imagination. And causing inner imaginations is likely less complex than the tactic of causing the perception of spatially external imaginations.

Legitimate Usages of Thought Control Versus Ultrasonics and FBC TV – The French Airliner Crash

In the past, I have made it known to intelligence and counter-terrorist that if they had a way of getting information to me, I would volunteer to anonymously forward the information to help. This would enable organizations to leak anonymously through an extra layer of anonymity,

Recently, I found some advanced technologist, with a completely unrelated technology, was attempting to communicate with my brain through reminding me of an airplane terrorist attack in Egypt of a Russian jetliner. I believe this communicator may have also been attempting to warn me of an incoming terrorist attack, possibly so I could pass along a message while not jeopardizing the sender’s family and friends.

Unfortunately, after the interval of the reminder, and over a period of a few days, I experienced thought cut outs and replacement of visual imagination with the FBC TV system. They configured a visual thought technology to show private male anatomy, and would even trigger it to statements on television, or even personal body language such as scratching my nose. Non-consensual thoughts of private parts replaced what would otherwise have been internal thought. I verbally reported this at the time, and although I didn’t realize a jet was about to crash, I suspected because of the increased rate of FBC TV during the time, they were using the system to prevent reporting of the impending terrorist attack by blockading outside neurological information inputs.

Within a few days I saw on the news that a French airliner travelling to Egypt crashed into the Mediterranean, and it could have been a terrorist attack someone was trying to leak about or warn about covertly. The leak would have been through the system which reminded me of the previous airliner attack around Egypt, which might have had more information. Because of the FBC TV systems overriding my thought, and cutouts of other systems of thought, I’ll never know if someone with the different technology was trying to instruct me to issue a warning about a terrorist attack.

Not Convinced? – The Orlando Shooting

Not convinced? Neither was I. Although my thought is cut out most of the time from an invasive technology, and Ultrasonics is constantly attacking my person and brain, I figured maybe there was an error. Maybe the timing of the FBC TV attacks was unrelated to the French jet crash and, now, the Orlando shooting.

Over the years, I’ve had people running weird experiments on my brain, likely through varying voltages and currents using precision targeted multi-trajectory electromagnetic radiation. They have also beamed in acoustic signals at the same time, although whether the acoustics belongs to the same party is unknown. They have also used keywords like “I can cut off your head” while shutting off my thought electrically in my brain. It’s like a thought completely disappears, sometimes with the memory of the thought destroyed also. Further, I usually have brain interference running while reading novels, or attempting to pursue happiness through hobbies, which detracts the quality of my thought.

So it could have been some tyrant had the ability to cut off my thought at whim, and had decided to use invasive FBC TV before the terrorist attacks. Maybe they hadn’t known about the Egypt plane crash before it was going to happen, and were simply harassing me. I believe differently.

They used various types of FBC TV from the time before the Egypt plane crash up to and after the Orlando shooting massacre. They were showing images of male genitals to visual imagination, sometimes with some sort of spatial processing to cause thought of the image in space, while not interrupting vision. So the thought was not a visual hallucination in space, yet certainly not a thought with inner focus on natural imagination. Natural imagination to be like how I read novels my entire life until Ultrasonics and FBC TV moved in their enslaving brain control and torture systems in.

Anecdotally, after the attack, someone with access to another visual technology, likely the same people, overrode my visual imagination with a technology which appears to show the same FBC content within visual imagination.

I was still not convinced they were purposefully trying to interfere with people’s thoughts solely to enable an impending terror attack until I investigated the Orlando attack. My other article discusses Ultrasonics’ systems activated during the Orlando shooting to interfere with targets, as well as interprets allusions to Ultrasonics from another of their potential targets, the shooters wife.

Next, I discovered a photo of a victim that reminded me of an artistic musical group, Hollywood Undead.

That’s when the horror set in, and I realized the FBC TV people, in conjunction with Ultrasonics, may have known who at least one victim would be before the attack. They may have used this knowledge to make a terrorist threat with their visual synthetic telepathy homosexual brain control.

The victim, Jonathan Antonio Camuy Vega , is shown in a photograph near a person wearing a mask, next to the Disney art. The homosexual person used the photography equipment to snap a photo, which looked slightly similar to how Hollywood Undead members wear masks. The hat could almost visually allude to a military officer hat, minus the fretting and emblem portion. This is similar to the masks and military style hats that Hollywood Undead uses.

I’ll describe how this threat was made with homosexual brain control as I decode some of the lyrics of Everywhere I Go. I refer to the parties making the terrorist threats as Ultrasonics and FBC TV, and believe the original artists to be unknowledgeable and innocent, with their content used without their knowledge and consent.

“That Charlie Scene has got a weenie, That he loves to show.”

This is a direct reminder of numerous iterations of FBC TV, the invasive technology used to thought control people to view male organs. Once again, this technology has been used since immediately before the French jetliner crash, up to and after the Orlando shooting.

“Let’s get this party started.”

If not ISIS’s target in San Bernardino, this could allude to a party at a homosexual night club, which was targeted by an ISIS shooter.

“Let’s keep them 40s popping.”

The casualty count at the club was in the high 40’s, or 49 after being reduced from 50.

Popping could allude to the sound of gunshots, or bullets leaving a firearm.

“So just get buzzed and stay fucked up,”

This could allude to people who are merely wounded with a bullet, or grazed or buzzed, and crippled rather than murdered.

“We’ll keep them dropping.”

This could be alluding to jetliners dropping from the sky, as the FBC TV occurred immediately before the French airliner crash.

Or this could be referring to shooting victims in the Orlando gay club who dropped in response to being fired on.

There is a number of other references which could be interpreted as terrorist threats from Ultrasonics and their homosexual brain controlling counterparts.

Masked Casualty ExchangeFor example, one image shows someone with a mask similar to what is shown in the homosexual club shooting victim’s photo. The mask has some differences in color and size, although the shape is basically the same.

Masked Alluder

The background in the musicians video appears to depict spray from a gunshot wound to the head.  They also appear to insult our law enforcement partners, calling them Pigs before cutting out the text.

Pulse ResponderAnother visual item that stands out is a black truck, which is a reminder of a black truck which appeared at the shooting scene at the gay night clubs. Apparently, a first responder’s truck looked similar to the one in the video.

Black TruckAnyways, here’s the video.

Hollywood Undead – Everywhere I Go


Ultrasonics, FBC TV, and the Calculation Strategy

Usually, propagandists for Ultrasonics will attempt to calculate every attack or crime they can as being conducted against them, thus justifying further purchases and usages of their advanced Ultrasonic weapon systems. Truly, they are dishonest scoundrels who have no justification or right to attack people with ultrasonic weaponry.

Just because the people gunned down in cold blood are in the same demographic as the people operating the Ultrasonic equipment and FBC TV systems does not mean they were also attacked. So an attack on a homosexual night club is not an attack on homosexual Ultrasonics and FBC TV employees.

Admittedly, terrorist attacks against innocent crowds of non-combatants are unjustified. Terrorist attacks are about as unjustified as Ultrasonics and FBC TV attacks against non-consenting person’s private parts and brains. Mathematically, one person killed in a terrorist attack would on average equate to ten combined FBC TV/Ultrasonic attack to the visual processing and private parts.

My fear is those utilizing FBC TV may also attempt to portray themselves as attacked. Realistically, the Orlando shooting massacre occurred against innocent civilians, none of which were found to have been utilizing advanced technology to sexually assault people with either Ultrasonics or FBC TV. So the claim anyone controlling these technologies is a victim, and can thus justify expending points in counter-attacks against their own targeted innocent civilians with their technologies is ludicrous. My best guess is, though, people will be attacked with both Ultrasonics and FBC TV with propagandists claiming it is payback for a targeted terrorist attack against those, who while possibly being in the same demographic, had no known involvement with Ultrasonics or FBC TV. This goes along with the propagandized belief that Ultrasonics and FBC TV can spend self-defense points against anyone in the world they wish.

My hopes are also, that through both my eye witness account of the usage of their technology, along with some reverse engineering speculation, I have given a compelling case against Ultrasonics and FBC TV. In my specific case, both appeared to be used to impede the ability of counter-terrorists to communicate covertly to me before the attack. This is scientifically similar to losing coverage of a cell phone signal, or having a telephone call cut off between two parties.

So, obviously, if Ultrasonics and FBC TV’s personnel were not personally maimed, injured, or even shot at, in the attack, they would not have a privilege of self-defense to thus attack people with their technologies. Further, the technologies were used to conduct a series of serious anatomical and neurological assaults, which if calculated from a criminal justice standpoint would equate to the same jail time (or self-defense point) values as over five murders. The calculation would be for the usage of their technology against one person for the interval from before the French airliner crash up to and including the Orlando shooting, about fifty usages without multipliers. The last thing to believe is Ultrasonics and FBC TV’s crimes are somehow forgiven, as if five of them were killed by terrorists themselves and so there should be no self-defense points spent to them, or exposure to their technology.

Additionally, both Ultrasonics and FBC TV might have interfered with sources of information which could have prevented the terrorist attack. As noted, if counter-terrorists were attempting to covertly communicate using synthetic telepathy and other signals, Ultrasonics and FBC TV would have prevented reception of advance warnings via their neurological and molecularly vibrational weapon systems.

Both Ultrasonics and FBC TV are in the wrong, they have no right to attack, and there is a massive amount of justification for usage of force against those personally responsible for using the ultrasound and visually invasive technologies for assault. And the inhibiting of information sharing with these technologies makes everyone look bad.

Intelligence Gathering Objectives

So, once again, who was controlling the Ultrasonic equipment?

Where is Ultrasonics headquarters, or command center?

When will self-defense actually be commonplace against Ultrasonics employees?

And who is programming the FBC TV and shutting off people’s thoughts?

What is FBC TV’s relationship with Ultrasonics?


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