*This incomplete document is being released while a work in progress due to importance.

Reverse Engineering – from guesswork and observation.. electromagnetic systems likely attached, fairly similar, usually aimed at midbrain and private parts and nervous system to make people appear to give blow jobs or interrupt body language with their own messages. Can feel it in nerves sometimes when close. Shut off thought most of the time with radiation also, and fry midbrain all the time.

Assume cameras or ultrasound reflections for systems for article. Likely cancer causing x-ray, gamma, etc
Ultrasonics TM Headquarters (currently locating)
Has advanced brain control and thought control capabilities, such as shutting off thought while reading. Creates stunned and discomforting burn effect in the midbrain
Has mechanisms to override nervous system control through induction of electromagnetic radiations into voltages placed on nerves. Watch this in action as a process similar to an induction motor or transformer.
Performs advanced alignments of systems integrated throughout the town, with some locations having a large number of available transducers and resonating facilities
Control Systems
Wireless electromagnetic, wired, or ultrasonic signal inputs likely convey digital data to update ultrasonic weapons.
Some type of surveillance system to update calculations of moving objects and trajectory aims. Likely uses continual gamma or x-ray surveillance systems to enable precise targeting of organs, with dynamic adjustments made to circumvent obstructing objects.
Nodes (located multiple)
UltrasonicsTM locates numerous nodes throughout the societies in which is seeks to exert influence and control through torture and coercion. Many sources have reported on UltrasonicsTM systems implicitly, yet those who overtly report on them are harassed, tortured, and framed for crimes.
Nodes may contain transmitters which affect the midbrain, creating reduced awareness, wipes of short-term memory, confused and stunned states, etc. This is most likely done with electromagnetic transmitters, although precision ultrasound into the skull can affect the midbrain components.
Variation between nodes
Power inputs
Power availability varies likely based on voltage supplies, availability of mechanical motion or electrical current, etc. It is likely amplitude variations in voltages directly modifies the amount of energy emitted from the system, and so control systems which vary voltages must be present somewhere in most systems.
Proximity to target
Merge ultrasound forces with forces from distributed nodes
Power utility equipment (1 85% confirmed location), RVs (2 99.9999%, many at 75-90%, generators (1 at 90%, 2 at 65%)
Waveform variations
Wavelength – effects resonance, object penetration
Trajectory alignments

Computational Calculations
Electrical inputs to transducers
Command storage
Multi simultaneous trajectory calculations
Air loss calculations
Collision calculations
Moving object calculations
Object density calculations
Three dimensional object location calculations
Human anatomy targeting calculations for sexual torture, head jamming, and heart malfunctioning.
Artery compression/constriction capabilities through 360 degree pressure

Moving object tracking
Resonate over time with steady low power input
Steady stream, burst, and high amplitude resonated modes

Alignment commands

Shut off
Command inputs

Outer Shell (Motor/RV models)
An outer metal casing vibrating at lower frequency than internal transducers. Outputs electrified sound like a public announcement system, possibly amplified sounds travelling into the unit.
Electrical supply from batteries, rather than varying current draw from the grid in direct relation to energy outputs
Diesel/Gas Motors
No electrical supply required


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