Mind Control On The Freeway – Iconic Memory, Comprehension, and Tiredness

Neuroscience, electromagnetism, and memory.

The human head is completely open and vulnerable to most of the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic energy can pass through the skull, pass over the brain, and exit the skull again. Some of the energy might even be converted to heat or electrical current. With a lot of focused radiation, the energy can convert into enough current to change the brains electrical signals, or cause substantial heating.

Neuroscience has unveiled what each part of the brains function is, both generally, and extremely specifically. Different parts of the brain contain neurological objects which perform different functions. These normally enable humans to walk, speak, think, remember, look, listen, and more.

Some areas of the brain are responsible for retaining memories. Normally, memory refers to encoded data from the past. As examples, memories are usually something previously read, heard, seen, or experienced. Memories can be mid term or long term. Memories can also be recent or short term.

One special part of the memory is the sensory memory, or the part of the brain which retains data from sensory experience. Sensory memory could include auditory (echoic), touch (haptic), or visual (iconic) information.

Complete and Utter Technological Control

Over the past 5 years or so, I’ve noted a substantial reduction in the number of random memories, with a mental inhibition over accessing personal memory. Through experimentation, I’ve noted that blockading external electromagnetic energy flowing into my head makes exercising and utilizing memory much easier.

I noted that general cognition and reading comprehension, which is often inhibited or completely wiped with electromagnetic or ultrasonic energy, improved also.

I started this experiment blocking energy pathways one at a time. After a while, I found that symptoms would return, for example, after an interval of half an hour.

I then learned to experiment blocking numerous angles at once, and soon found that some sort of alignment of electromagnetic radiation was occurring to redirect the energy back into my head. This realignment was through the usage of multiple points of reflectivity surrounding my environment, as if a mathematician had to recomputed extra angles to ensure the electromagnetic weapon systems would keep trained on my head. Simply through reflecting the transmitters off another surface, the energy would arrive from a new trajectory.

After I became better at blockading the energy, I found that advanced ultrasonic weapon systems were then set to send ultrasound energy into my skull. These were somehow precise enough to rattle specific areas of the midbrain to interrupt comprehension and memory.

These systems have prevailed for nearly 5 years in my habitat, destroying my internal subjective thought and reading comprehension. Further, I found that someone with advanced brain control capabilities somehow wrote a set of about 10-20 thoughts, and played them repeatedly in my brain over the years. From embarrassing thoughts to frightening and threatening thoughts, these thoughts were portrayed to my brain as memories.

The Iconic Drive

I first figured the problem to be fairly isolated to a single massive covert weapons and brain control installation.

I later found the problem occurred elsewhere, and soon found that more covert weapon installations existed.

It wasn’t until recently that I was able to obtain a better picture of just how many covert electromagnetic transmitters and ultrasonic emitters are hidden throughout my society.

After infuriating my ultrasonic surveillance team by disobeying many of their synthetically beamed in commands, I went for a long drive. Naturally, I chose the freeway because I had to travel a great distance.

What I found shocked me.

During much of the drive, over 100 miles, I experienced a mental fatigue effect, similar to the one previously described. This was an unnatural feeling tiredness, not one I normally experience. My conclusion is that a beam, or series of electromagnetic beams, was aimed into my head. All while travelling along a busy freeway.

No, no, no, your psychologically induced thought might tell you. You were simply tired, or maybe drugged somehow.

I was not, is my answer, and here’s how I knew.

I placed a hidden magnetic object inside a hat, and moved my head around. This had the effect or reducing the effect. Further, placing my head closer to the ceiling of the vehicle reduced the effect. My guess is this is because a percentage of the transmitters were beaming in from a height greater than the vehicle, or were shut off with a computer algorithm to avoid reflecting off the ceiling and scattering to external measurement equipment, which there needs to be more of.

What I found was that someone setup these transmitters to beam into my head as I travelled along the freeway the entire trip. The coverage of the radiation must have been over 80% of the freeway on the trip.

Further, about 4% of the trip I noted the familiar rumbling of ultrasound inside my head. This means that their computer systems would have had to calculate my speed and trajectory, and aim energy into my car window at an upward angle into my head, or reflect it off objects inside my car to beam into my skull. This would have had to happen without miscalculating and missing based on the difference between my speed and the speed of the ultrasound.

Not surprisingly, this algorithm was not perfect, and I heard the familiar crack of ultrasound impacting and reflecting off of the solid car at times.

The Iconic Memory

By this time, I could barely comprehend a word I was listening, as I was listening on the drive. Whenever I would attempt to listen, I would note my listening comprehension disappear. The effect is like watching a voltage zero out on an oscilloscope, and I’m very used to it.

I was just surprised that someone had built so many electromagnetic transmitters around the freeway to be able to knock out my thought in such a way, and for such a great distance.

As previously noted, I also had the effect of a persuasive tiredness draining my attention most of the trip.

What is worse, I soon discovered that additional transmitters were set to spike or cancel voltages in my brain every time I moved my eyes to the rear view mirror or side mirror. These transmissions did not create the effect previously described, meaning they did not cause a loss of consciousness or tiredness.

These transmissions nullified and destroyed my iconic memory.

So, to set the story straight, there must have been multiple parts of the brain beamed at. And one would have been the part of the brain which processes visual sensory experience, which is the iconic memory.

The attackers had rigged these transmitters to cause a disturbance to my intuitive memory of the vehicle trajectory, nearby objects, and speed. My thought about my driving scenario was still working, such as whether or not I was near a car. And I still knew the basic steps of verifying so that a violent catastrophe wasn’t imminent.

I was just amazed that someone would beam into my brain so obviously, while trying to ignore the effects and concentrate on what mattered. The goal was to solve the problem as soon as possible so I could redirect my view towards the main windshield.

It was almost as if a surveillance system was monitoring (not controlling in this case) my eye movements, and then beaming energy at the part of my brain which has iconic memory whenever I would look in the mirror.

It was like losing a natural part of memory or experience that is always running, and having it cut in and out all obvious.

Or not seeing what you aren’t looking at.

This could cause miscalculations while steering. Anyone with this sort of weapon system activated on them all the time would be lucky if they didn’t bump a car, if not make a more disastrous mistake.

Looking for a permanent solution for everyone

Most people don’t realize the possibilities with ultrasonic and electromagnetic weapons, and even fewer realize that a massive covert system has been installed along major high speed roadways, along with many residential and commercial zones.

With problems like this it is often useful to find a solution for everyone, and because of these beams into my head, I appear to have been volunteered as societies negotiator.

My beliefs are that people’s brains and bodies should be free, and so they should be free of ultrasonic and electromagnetic energy if they choose. Without going into specifics, there are probably organizations with capabilities that plenty of people would be thrilled to use, but not the system I am describing.

If complete conquest of the human brain and human condition is the goal, these tyrants have achieved victory. The system I am describing is a genocidal death weapon used for torture and potentially murder. If hundreds of thousands of brains can be controlled on the road, any number of them can be sabotaged at the whim of an operator, hacker, or whatnot.

My suggestion would be to get rational people involved that understand that no one is allowed the arbitrary, constant, and total usage of covert force against American citizens. Not in their homes, not in their commutes, not in their work, not anywhere.

We have a privilege of self-defense, and a right to be free and secure in our persons and effects.

Solve the problem permanently.

  • Identify the problem. Thank you to whoever leaked this system capability, as I don’t believe your intention was to murder me.
  • Identify the party responsible for widespread usage of Ultrasonics throughout America, and see what their involvement is with electromagnetic transmitters. I suspect they built an electromagnetic infrastructure before investing in Ultrasonics.
  • Identify the locations of all of the equipment.
  • Identify their employees which use the equipment on non-consenting Americans, or people within the United States.
  • Prosecute Ultrasonics employees for harassment, torture, sexual assault, murder, and possibly mass murder.
  • Ensure neither private nor public organizations can accrue such covert power in the country again. Let them know what will happen when they try.
  • Potentially help those which are working to improve the human brain and experience (the majority) achieve their goals without coercion, intimidation, or hostile invasion.

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