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W-Town Negotiation Chronicles – Attractive Perceptions

8-4-2016 through 8-11-2016

Since my incremental transfer to W-Town, I was pleased with the implementation of the serotonin radiation induction measures.  The misuses and add-on attacks have tapered off, but there has been attacks in other categories, such as with this next weeks negotiation topic.
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Daughet Lovell

Brain Control Murders – Love the Way You Lie

A new trend, or perhaps not so new trend, involves brain control murders.  The tactic appears to include arranging murderers and victims to supply semantically relevant details, possibly to wield psychological warfare against specific targets.  Because law enforcement is unequipped to recognize, detect, reverse engineer, catch, and prosecute brain control, the crimes are not widely known.   This article seeks to supply some concepts and ideas which might someday be useful for people challenging unconstitutional brain control power structures.

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W-Town Negotiation Chronicles – The Serotonin Receptors

W-Town Negotiation Chronicles – The Serotonin Receptors


Although I have not been very active with W-town, I have recently decided it would be in my best interest to transfer my air space and brain controls over to the W-town system from my towns.  With all the ultrasonic and electromagnetic weapons beamed at me in my town, and with the problematic brain control at times, I figured I would be better off on W-towns systems.
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