W-Town Negotiation Chronicles – The Serotonin Receptors

W-Town Negotiation Chronicles – The Serotonin Receptors


Although I have not been very active with W-town, I have recently decided it would be in my best interest to transfer my air space and brain controls over to the W-town system from my towns.  With all the ultrasonic and electromagnetic weapons beamed at me in my town, and with the problematic brain control at times, I figured I would be better off on W-towns systems.

I am hoping on full transfer to the W-town system, with removal from my current cities residential brain control systems.  The problems are too numerous to list.

In payment both for the transfer, and the chance to improve the brain control systems in W-town, I am volunteering as a negotiator for both myself and W-town with the brain control powers that be.  In exchange, I will enthusiastically forward on W-towns messages on to relevant parties, if they are reading the articles.

My first matter of concern is in regard to the serotonin receptors of W-towns inhabitants.  Serotonin is released from the parts of the brain chemically.  At some point, I believe serotonin receptors convert the chemicals into electrical activity nanoscopically in the brain.

As I have described the tactics and tortures of my current town, I am aware that electromagnetic radiation can induce electrical activity in the brain.  And W-Town has covert electromagnetic radiation devices all over the place, just like my town.  I was hoping W-Town can use the radiation devices to induce electrical activity in people’s serotonin receptors as payment for delivering their messages.

I have listed considerations with the implementation here, along with some clear violations that have been problematic whenever anyone with positive brain control systems tries to do something nice.

And appended I have the messages from W-Town from 7/28/2016-8/4/2016.

Thank you

Tactics for Ban

To prevent the usage of new upgrade for psychological warfare and harassment, torture, maiming, and murder, a list of tactical no-no’s for the new serotonin receptor stimulation algorithms will specify acceptable parameters.

  • The system will not be used to enslave the population, coerce free labor, entice actions, or manipulate decision making.
  • The system will not be combined with FBC (homosexual brain control) style tactics, belief systems, imaginings, or anything else when the FBC is outside of the individuals preference. Brain control to harass and tell people their preference is for FBC when in fact it is not will not be used to justify the FBC torture.
  • Excessive voltages, power, decibels, or wattages may not exceed an acceptable threshold set by a consortium of electrical engineers and neuroscientists best practice documentation. As the brain normally operates in the millivolt range, excessive voltages should not be used.  And as radiation induction also causes heat, excessively high voltages could cause burning and fry the brain, and will not likely result in any increased “high” as the system operators might intend.
  • Enhancement will be ceased if individuals consciously decide not to participate and remove consent, granted that their removal of consent be free of malicious manipulation and brain control.
  • In the spirit of the law, serotonin receptors should not be overly energized in either quantity or electrical amplitude while people are driving or operating heavy machines. More generally, they should not be used to assassinate, attempt to assassinate, dismember, or injure people, or mastermind any sort of accidental damage.
  • Positive or beneficial brain control is not exchangeable for self-defense points accrued with assaulting, harassing, torturing, or murdering brain control, ultrasonic assaults, or other electromagnetic assaults. Such innuendo, or meaning, should not be conveyed telepathically to describe the negotiated for serotonin receptor stimulation as payment for unconsensual brain control systems.



Violations of ban

  • Unknown party identifying themselves as young adult male utilized synthetic telepathy timed with the serotonin receptor stimulation to claim credit for the previously negotiated for enhancement. The party implied power to manage, manipulate, remove, or further increase the usage based on obedience to the party. (1 point for assaults on neurons)
  • Party responsible for previous FBC, linked to numerous mass murders, timed and triggered a visual FBC image of a male private party precisely timed to the serotonin receptor stimulation. This indicates the genocidal maniacs with the homosexual brain control had reconnaissance of the operation of either the programmed algorithms, the brain transmitters, the airwaves, of the neurological activity of the intended recipient. (At least 10 points for visual FBC)
  • Unknown party massively increased amplitude, number of transmitters, or time/power of resonance of electromagnetic radiation to serotonin receptors and nearby areas of the brain, causing excessive affect. This caused a reduction in attention, motor ability, and concentration, although very different from being knocked out with a thalamus attack.  Very unsafe.  (4 points for possible burn damage to parts of the brain)
  • Party conducted emotional anger brain control and took control of speech centers, causing a false vow to quit all operations and swear off all forms of brain control, including the serotonin ones. This was an attack conducted against a wanted brain control, and likely from the parties responsible for the unconsensual brain control (4 points)

*Hiring, setting up, bringing in, doubling as, or otherwise allowing and encouraging malicious brain controllers, in order to recruit whoever they are targeting for free labor against the malicious brain controllers, can be a violation of the 13th Amendment.

**Those involved in bringing in psychological warfare, harassing, and torturing brain controllers may also be constitutionally and criminally liable as accomplices if they encouraged or helped to bring in unconsensual brain control or covert energy weapons even if their alleged intention was to get them banned.

***I am not insinuating W-town is knowingly involved with the listed tactics against the interest of the recipients, nor attempting to leverage the serotonin receptor algorithm for their own cause, merely alerting all potentially friendly groups as to the threat to their own benevolence.  Beware, they seek to not only take credit for your actions, but also to torture as if they are you.

As promised, as payment for the fruits of the negotiations, I will forward on W-towns coded messages:



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