W-Town Negotiation Chronicles – Attractive Perceptions

8-4-2016 through 8-11-2016

Since my incremental transfer to W-Town, I was pleased with the implementation of the serotonin radiation induction measures.  The misuses and add-on attacks have tapered off, but there has been attacks in other categories, such as with this next weeks negotiation topic.

As for the second week of the negotiations, now that W-Town has established some authority, I believe the topic was the implementation of a technology which can make us look more attractive with our perceptions.

The benefit is that people with lower attractiveness can have an increased chance of finding a mate.  Because they don’t find mates very often, the risk of increased disease transmission is lower than if naturally attractive people, who find mates more often, were to become attracted and have sex. The guess is that attractive people have had more sex.

I hope this equals more consensual sex, with less deaths in the long term from sexual intercourse.

Now, a lot of people were probably thinking, and probably may still be thinking, this is a technology which can be misused.  I believe that I now have enough knowledge to say exactly how it can be grossly misused.

While not specifying the brain regions or technological interface, here are some of the dos and don’ts we can agree on:

  • Primarily, making people outside of one’s own preference look overly cute, sexy, pretty, or handsome, should be frowned upon.
  • Pretty males and handsome females should only be used as a joke, insult, or to convey non-sexual points.
  • FBC (homosexual brain control), if unconsensual, and other unconsensual sexual brain control should not be used in conjunction with the implementation.
  • The technology does not require the electrical surging of encoded and decoded thought traveling from and to the brains internal processing centers. Jamming of the brains internal processing should not occur during the implementation of the technology.
  • The technology should not be used unconsensually, such as as a harassment or torture tool.
  • Ugly facial features can be made to appear attractive.
  • People with VDs can be made to appear uglier without ever suspecting it. On an unrelated topic, stop lying into people’s brains about who has one if they don’t.


1) As an added note, I need to further reiterate that I do not wish to be subscribed to any of the homosexual brain control systems.  No need to torture me just because I have provided information to law enforcement and others on homicides.  I know I tend to get torture more when the tips indicate Ultrasonics, electromagnetic weapons, or brain control is the cause of death.

2) Other than FBC, I really like the implementations of the perception, and don’t want to sour it with too much complaining.  Thanks for all who have worked tirelessly on perceptions and other less mentioned missions.

3) As an unrelated problem, I’ve received numerous attacks on memory encoding systems via radiation, along with hits from a brain control system which discourages participation in W-Town’s mission and other missions, such as CounterFBC.

As promised, in exchange for the privilege of representing W-Town, here are the encoded symbols to which I have been entrusted…

W-Town Notes 1W-Town Notes 2W-Town Notes 3


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