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Negotiation Framework

Speech Keys – The Most Important Intel In World History

This article describes and decodes important in-the-know speakers so you can more easily comprehend dual meanings, alternate context, etc.
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President Obama Decoded – The Ultrasonics Bin

Thanks for the technical description, Obama.  You might have time while your in office to have the Ultrasonics employees utilizing torture to be identified and prosecuted without identifying their targets publically.

The following speeches contains numerous references to Ultrasonics Model Bin:

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The Ultrasonics Bin -14420 Apple Valley Road

Back in the old Soviet Communism days, I remember seeing on the news how Communism threatened to have Goulag masters on every street corner.  They would be like the bosses of the citizenry, with each communist answerable to these overlords.

Now, in America, what we have is different yet the same concept.  Instead of a formal Goulag master issuing direct orders with speech, we have fancy manufactured brain control, Ultrasonic weapons, and Electromagnetic weapons.  The brain controllers work with Ultrasonics now to run the society, similar to how the Goulag masters intended to rule Soviet Russia.
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W-Town Negotiation Chronicles – Unrigged Voters

8-12-2016 through 8-18-2016
Although I had other negotiations to conduct, and new and old personal problems arriving via covert control and weaponry, because of the looming elections, and a perceived need, this week I’d like to suggest a fair way to run voters brains for the upcoming election.
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