W-Town Negotiation Chronicles – Unrigged Voters

8-12-2016 through 8-18-2016
Although I had other negotiations to conduct, and new and old personal problems arriving via covert control and weaponry, because of the looming elections, and a perceived need, this week I’d like to suggest a fair way to run voters brains for the upcoming election.

This is something that I had felt pressured to get done for a while and think all involved are getting impatient for resolution to their anxieties. To reaffirm, this negotiation is something I can get done, I am not stupid, and I have even delayed negotiations in my personal interest to prioritize this negotiation for the important interested parties.

The goal with such a negotiation will be to be a neutral mediator between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and the populations brain controllers. It is difficult to determine what any of them think of each other, although I think the brain controllers have the best bet of making that determination.

The solution should be fair for all politicians, hopefully, without favoring any specific individuals, sides, or parties. And just because I am negotiating solely with W-Town, doesn’t mean other villages, towns, cities, and state brain controllers can’t apply any principles created during the negotiations to their own brain control tactics.

What it does mean is that W-Town is more likely to have a fair election process, without determining who wins the electrion via neurological control.

1) Do encourage academic, intellectual, business, or personal consideration when determining choices.
2) Free the brains of both voters and politicians from invasive unconsensual or unknowing neurological, electromagnetic, or ultrasonic control systems.

1) Don’t threaten, harass, rape, torture, or murder people using Ultrasonics nor their electromagnetic product lines to force a decision on voters, nor populations of voters.
2) Don’t inject a first person ideas, synthetic decisions, or plans on which candidate a voter or population of voters identify with or choose to elect.
3) If you get an idea from a poll, don’t write a mass population brain control algorithm to force voters to vote based on the given poll.
4) Don’t delete, control, or inhibit natural cognition, memory, or internal decision making to effect the choice of candidates.
5) Transmit or emit energy at or into voters or candidates at amplitudes which can interfere with normal body or brain functionality.
6) Don’t delete plans nor deter people drive from voting as you do when you invasively control people in their hobbies, professions, or studies.

As promised, here is my deliver on a week of W-Towns messages, in chronological order, minus a couple of days off.




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