President Obama Decoded – The Ultrasonics Bin

Thanks for the technical description, Obama.  You might have time while your in office to have the Ultrasonics employees utilizing torture to be identified and prosecuted without identifying their targets publically.

The following speeches contains numerous references to Ultrasonics Model Bin:


Here’s the speech decoded from an engineering perspective:

Are you fired up?

Fired Up – Ultrasound has been cycling repeatedly, achieving resonance and multiple stages/levels, and is thus ready to send at targets at a mid to high amplitude

Fired Up – Ultrasonic employees guilty of torture being fired by whatever organization has hired and allowed them



“Extra spring in my step tonight”

Suspension spring of an Ultrasonic outfitted RV, possibly used to transmitt energy, although unlikely

Step – Step up and Step down voltage circuit



“Birther thing is over”

Birther – Ultrasonics is commonly alluded to in relation to birth because pregnant women receive ultrasounds in doctors offices.

Over – Someone in position of authority of Ultrasonics employees, either to fire them, or have them prosecuted and imprisoned.



“Weighed on my mind”

Weighed, with body language indicating lungs – Potentially alluding to the tactic of adding ultrasound to peoples lungs to induce labored or less efficient breathing

–Trophy kept


“The world is round, not flat”

Ultrasonic/electromagnetic weapons are having catastrophic effects on people’s lives at the whims of unknown tyrannical mad scientists.  Law enforcement and the mental health industry has been stuck on a “world is flat” belief system.


06:44 “The days are winding down”

Winding down – The windings of a suspension spring, or perhaps, the windings of a step down transformer



Hands indicating concept of expansion and contraction. 

Perhaps alluding to the cycles of sonic energy required to have sound, or ultrasound.


“Who steadied us”

Waves hands from side to side

Perhaps indicating aligning ultrasonic forces arriving into a resonating bin to keep the energy on it’s current trajectory, and from radiating too connically.

“We understood the power of the symbol”
Power can be philosphic, or actual scientific power measurable in units or energy to denote wall socket electricity, electromagnetic radiation, ultrasonic energy, etc.



“Together we’ve begun to work”

Hands expanding indicating an initial cycle, or expansion of a wave

Perhaps alluding to a massive Ultrasonic weapons operation with each low amplitude weapon system sending ultrasound waves into a system of resonating amplification.  Such a system could achieve lethal levels of invisible ultrasound energy in the region it is located.


“On reforming our criminal justice system”

Reforming can allude to anatomically invasive systems forcing energy onto ones form, or body

Could also be a plan of action to educate and enable law enforcement to remove the scurge of covert ultrasonic and electromagnetic invasion systems through prosecutions and jailings for the murder, torture, and harassment some of them are involved with.

“Reducing the federal prison population”

While jailing Ultrasonics employees that commit crimes with these energy systems would increase the prison population, jailing those who use advanced brain control to cause and frame people into commiting or appearing to commit crimes would reduce unfair incarcerations.


“Ending the use of”

Hand about 50% high on video.  Although you might not have the keys, this indicates covert electromagnetic systems that have been installed throughout our country.  Bear with me on this for now, I’ll explain the keys later.


“Reinvigorating the justice departments civil rights division”

Perhaps considering applying the Bill of Rights, or other protective laws, to people targeted with Ultrasonic and electromagnetic energy systems

“…police and communities are working together to make sure that our streets are safe”

Keeping ultrasonic emissions and electromagnetic transmissions away from drivers might reduce roadside casualties, such as ones they torture people to cover up for.  (See Twitter in the future)


“and that our law is applied equally”
There is no shortage of advanced thought control systems conveying the belief to torture targets, law enforcement, and others, that certain bureacracies and contractors are allowed to use their systems however they want, and discussing them is a crime against the government.  These systems are used even while people are being tortured, harassed, and assaulted continually on a daily basis for years.

The law has never been properly applied to Ultrasonics or any of the unconsensual electromagnetic invaders, and they spread propaganda about how they have been “authorized”.


–“across every race” “rose”
“by so many measures”

Perhaps referencing the measurement of ultrasound or electromagnetism.


“and none of it’s been quick, none of it’s been easy”

Hands indicating a greater level of expansion

Using the keyword “been” to indicate Ultrasonics bin models which acrue and amplify energy through resonance inside RV bins.

Appears to also be describing a technical disertation on how the bins operate to invade residences in their regions.


“but then we knew”

Finger wags as if indicating a measurement of spikes on a meter

Perhaps indicating the reception of an ultrasonic measurement on a meter of some sort.


“because we understand better than anybody”

Finger wags indicating another measure


“that the project of America is never finish”

Perhaps disclosing that massive Ultrasonic weapons operations are Americans, and are not installed and operated by people from Finland (finish).


“and what has always made us unique is our capacity to change”

Perhaps comparing the buildup of ultrasonic forces in a bin to the buildup of electronic forces in a capacitor.

Change – a word that people use when referencing jail time as slight


“our conviction”
Maybe actually considering prosecuting the Ultrasonics employees who are torturing Americans.

“our conviction to change”

Change – Again…a word that people use when referencing jail time as slight


“…doesn’t come from some ruler but it comes from us (united states).  From the actions we take”

According to individual accountability, the individuals liable are the individuals who used these systems for torture, not anyone involved with the political leadership.


“We know that”

Hands indicate the lungs

Perhaps indicating an awareness that energy weapons have been used on a lot of Americans lungs.


“and that’s what we’ve done this past eight years”

Perhaps indicating the duration of an ultrasonics weapons project that has targeted Americans lungs.

“and now that’s what we have to keep on doing”

Perhaps indicating that ultrasonic weapons are also aimed at people’s internal waste systems (dooing)


“there’s never been a worse time to be a black person”

been – Bin, an Ultrasonics Bin made for resonating and direction large amounts of energy

black person – Person involved with black operations, perhaps involving Ultrasonics and other covert control/attack systems


“but we got a museum for ‘em to visit”

Perhaps indicating the exposed Ultrasonic systems belong in a museum, and not arbitrarily torturing Americans in their houses and cars.


“we might as well support somebody who has fought against civil rights, and fought against equality”

Perhaps sarcastically alleging support of a person involved with black operations, perhaps involving Ultrasonics and other covert control/attack systems


“and who has shown no”

Moves hands as if to indicate Ultrasonic energy exiting a bin, and reflecting back off inbound Ultrasonic

waves to reverse directions and further amplify the resonating energy inside the bin.  Bin from the left.

This form of energy is invisible.


“we know the progress we’ve made”

Moves hands as if to indicate Ultrasonic energy colliding with inbound energy and creating an outbound funnel, rather than being completely reflected back into the bin.


“despite the forces of opposition”

Free Americans should despise the tyrannal Goulags of Ultrasonics and be opposed to them.

Also alluding to Ultrasonic forces opposing one another, possible after exiting a bin and colliding with inbound energy.



“depite the forces of discrimination”


Dis – a slight or an insult

Crimination – something to make someone appear to be a criminal

Possibly alluding to the tactic of framing people with brain control to appear to be criminal.

Or perhaps alluding to the tactic of “catching” someone in an act of self-defense against Ultrasonic torture.  Although, admittedly, people might be misguided to the wrong locations through trickery.


“despite the politics of backlash”
Perhaps comparing Ultrasonics, and other covert implementations of force, as a tool of enslavement and assault.


“and we intend to keep fighting against those forces”

Hopefully the intention is to completely erradicate through identification and prosecution the usages of covert Ultrasonics and unconsensual electromagnetic attacks across America


“when governors refuse to expand medicaid “

Perhaps describing a technical limitation of the Ultrasound system which governs from achieving lethal force.  That would explai n why some people are still alive, and they simply torture them rather than kill them.


“that hits the folks most in need”

People impacted with Ultrasonic energy likely need someone to prosecute the Ultrasonics employee beaming energy at them.


“When folks block”

Ultrasonics can be blocked with solid objects, or absorbed and converted into heat with acoustic polyurethane foam.


“Or refuse to expand”

Perhaps talking about ultrasonic energy not expanding in one direction from either a solid blockade or a blockade of colliding ultrasonic energy.


Hands motion indicating on the left, with the right hand, an Ultrasonics source, such as the bin, beaming energy at a point in space represented at the left hand. 

In the given scenario, a colliding inbound wave causes the outbound wave to go off roughly 90 degrees in another direction, rather than reversing.  It might eventually spiral.


“we will not stop”

Hand spirals, indicating Ultrasonics is temporarily who is meant with the pronoun variable “we”.

Indicates Ultrasonics operations have continued to torment and torture residents regardless of negotiation, implicit reprimands, and more.


“we will not stop pushing”
Hands indicating Ultrasonics exiting the bin, pushing theair and any inbound ultrasonic waves.


“(we will not stop pushing) for the security and prosperity of all people”

Perhaps indicating a temporary shift of the pronound variable “we” to indicate those who are opposed to Ultrasonics’ compromise of private citizens security and prosperity.


“that doesn’t stop with my presidency”

Hopefully indicating the latter meaning, and not the former, which would be a continuation of Ultrasonic and electromagnetic torture and harassment of American citizens.


“we’re just getting started”
Ultrasonics is certainly not just getting started, so hopefully an effort against them is.



“we gotta push back twice as hard”

Indicates the Ultrasonic methodology of increasing their torture tactics on their falsified propaganda about their targets guilt or affiliations.

In this case, this could indicate twice as much energy existing an Ultrasonic bin.


“kicking people off the rolls, often incorrectly”

This could potentially reference a motorcyclist travelling through an ultrasound weapon stream, for example, eminating from an Ultrasonics bin

While I am still alive and have challenged Ultrasonics, I don’t drive a motorcycle.  It’s possible motorcyclists can be physically impacted with heavy amounts of ultrasound and kicked off their motorcycles.


“This should be a national scandal”

If everyone knew what I knew about Ultrasonics and other covert attack products here in the United States, it would certainly be a national scandal.


“We are supposed to have already won that fight”

This might hold a clue as to why what appears to be traffic accidents might be portrayed as competitive fights between organized groups.  In the previous possibility, Ultrasonics would have a victory.



Could be referencing covert assassinations with Ultrasonics and electromagnetic weapons tactics, including tactics to frame their targets for involvement or affiliation.

Also vaguely alludes to how Ultrasonics (perhaps with electromagnetic weapons or other covert systems) deters people from sharing about such information.

Although I’ll probably get tortured more for it, here’s an example.  This covert assassination is likely recorded as an accident.  This did and does matter, and police need to be educated in physics.  This persons life was a stake.



“Get people”

Hands motion in a sweep in continuation of previous technical theme.

As if indicating ultrasonic energy is being used to get people.


“where slaves have been”

Hands motion to indicate cycling outbound ultrasound.

The Ultrasonics bins, and other systems, are being used to enslave people’s bodies and brains.


“and then, with each successive level”

Perhaps multiple points of resonance and levelling up in amplitude.

Or perhaps multiple ultrasonic trajectories exiting the bin and returning to a point, amplifying each time, and divided into successive levels.


“led to such extraordinary progress”

Hands indicate a string from above.

Could be a reference to enslavement through puppeteering.


“because what a road”

Hands move back into ultrasonics comparison

Could be indicating ultrasonic trajectories, for example from the Bin, which collide with objects on roads in their course to their targets.


“it’s sustainment”

Hands indicate the lungs.

The lungs were previously referenced in relation to weight, as if ultrasonic energy was aimed into the lungs.  Now that he has described ultrasound exiting the Bin, you can correlate the source with one destination.



“despite the risk to my life I’m gonna free my people”

Could be disclosing a motive for discussing Ultrasonics and their methods.

Could also be referring to threats leverages for, and possibly by, Ultrasoincs employees using advanced methodologies and implicit innuendo.  Threats possibly carried out all too often.


“despite the ostricism, the blowback”

Hands move to communication of ultrasound moving from point to point

Hands previously alluded to ultrasound blowing back upon colliding with an inbound set of waves.

Perhaps also alluding to damaging propaganda campaigns designed and implements for, and possibly by, Ultrasonics employees to discredit their targets, or those who “blow” their operations.


“I’m gonna testify”

May be alluding to pressure and controlling influences places covertly on leaders, and a need for politicians to testify to Congress to get legislation to outlaw numerous ultrasonic and electromagnetic technologies and/or tactics.

Many of their uses break current laws and violate the Bill of Rights.


“I’m going to march despite those horses I see in front of me.”

March could be metaphoric to beaming ultrasonic energy across streets regardless of cars on the road.  Saw em.  All ordinary people coincidentally passing through Ultrasonics operations.


“Who feel it in their hearts, in their gut”

Could be referencing either ultrasonic or electromagnetic energy entering ones chest or gut at the whims of someone operating the covert equipment.


“It can be a force for good”
When used in a doctors office, X-rays and ultrasounds can be used to help people.

When used to invade people’s houses and cars and torture them, it can be an unconstitutional and criminal invasion.


“To experience this incredible new monument, this museum, is to be reminded”

Hands moved to conceptually display point to point ultrasonics energy moving through space back and forth.

May be referencing the Ultrasonics bin


“We’re just a small part of a long chain”

Indicating any house of Ultrasonics may be a node part of a greater system.


“Generation after generation”

Could indicate the generation of ultrasonic energy, electrically or mechanically generated from source emitters.

Could also indicate generation of ultrasound energy in space, where previous generation cycles amplify the next cycle.



“That’s why I’m still fired up”

Hopefully this indicates Obama is prepared to fire people involved with Ultrasonics, and other non-consensual attack, invasion, and control systems.


“This isn’t the endpoint, this is the beginning.  We’re just getting moving, We’re just getting going”

Perhaps referring to the first cycle of ultrasound, which goes and builds into more energy through subsequent cycles.

Also perhaps referring to firing those who use the ultrasound for invasive torture, threats, and potentially worse.



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