The Ultrasonics Bin -14420 Apple Valley Road

Back in the old Soviet Communism days, I remember seeing on the news how Communism threatened to have Goulag masters on every street corner.  They would be like the bosses of the citizenry, with each communist answerable to these overlords.

Now, in America, what we have is different yet the same concept.  Instead of a formal Goulag master issuing direct orders with speech, we have fancy manufactured brain control, Ultrasonic weapons, and Electromagnetic weapons.  The brain controllers work with Ultrasonics now to run the society, similar to how the Goulag masters intended to rule Soviet Russia.

Rather than overt rule, however, covert rule occurs through covert force.  Murder, torture, and constant harassment from electromagnetic brain control and ultrasonic weaponry is the norm for some.  Giving hints, testimony, or information about the covert warfare wins them, myself included, only more torture, trajedy, and mental health records.

Like Goulags, Ultrasonics, being a fairly short ranged form of energy, certainly requires devices at least on every street corner.  Because of the diffusing nature of the energy, they have penetrated residential areas through distributed networks of low amplitude nodes.  Yet even with multiple lower energy nodes in their hive, they also have high amplitude locations.

14420 Apple Valley road is one of those high amplitude locations.

This address becomes a high amplitude location when the energy from numourous nodes cycles, resonates, and combines within a large bin located on their property.  I strongly suspect the RV often located within the bin to contain fancy ultrasonic sensors and emitters, which amplifies the energy and then directs the energy towards citizens in their cars and houses.

Observation #1 – Warped sound into the bin

When oberving sound from the road at this location, one can hear sound travel faster along specific routes.  These routes warp and curve towards and into the bin.

The science is counter-intuitive, but what happens is the sound vibrations travel along the ultrasonic trajectories.

So this observation indicates ultrasonic trajectories entering into the bin

Observation #2 – Warped sound disappearing in the bin

The motor sounds of the cars enters the bin and then disappears.

The sound is gone from the location because ultrasound is resonating within the bin in a continuos cycle.

The ultrasound then shoots out at targets fairly far away.

Observation #3 – Car motor sounds appearing elsewhere

The sounds entering the bin may suspiciously appear elsewhere.

The sounds reappear where the ultrasound is aimed at.

So at various places near the address, one might hear 55 mile per hour car sounds in the ventillation of housing far from the road, spiralling off into the air, or elsewhere.

I believe this is because the ultrasound is aimed out from the bin at such a perfect trajectory and high amplitude that it carries the sound vibrations with it all the way to it’s target location.

They target locations to induce further resonance from the resonating bin.

Observation #4 – Modulating ultrasound from the south

A wall of ultrasound arriving from the south intersected with the ultrasound from the bin in the air, modulating the vector of the ultrasound.  This might have been received as a spike in amplitude at a target point, or caused a larger amplitude wave to change directions.

This indicates integration or interruption from ultrasound weapons to the south of the bins weapon system.

Observation #5 – Playing the Victim

They, and other Ultrasonics hotspots, have started aiming ultrasound into their own residents when observers are nearby.  This might make a suspected location look like a target location to the observer.

They may also attempt to make their operations look separate and unintegrated.  Yet their amplitudes ultimately can and do add up at some of their targets bodies.

History of Torture and Murder

There are Ultrasonic weapons in the area targeting people’s private parts constantly and torturing them hundreds of times per day over a period of years.

They torture more often when information such as in this blog is disclosed, indicating their interest in torture is to cover up brain control murders, enslavement, and torture.

A string of suspicious murders alluding to their targets occured upon anonymous and public disclosure of their operations dating back to late 2014.

The twitter account documenting some of these murders is currently suspended.

A few more points

They do not appear to kill people with the ultrasound, although they make it known they can.

They are integrated with at least 10 smaller amplitude ultrasonic producing nodes in the area.

Someone, possibly related to them, uses thought control to threaten people’s lives and their families lives for them.

Someone, possibly related to them, controls their targets speech to discredit them and make them appear in the wrong, as if justifying their torture systems.

Someone is controlling people’s brains and beliefs to help them cover up.

Some of the body parts they aim ultrasound at they also aim searing electromagnetic  radiation at at the same time and point.

The twitter account documenting some of these murders is currently suspended.

Codespeak to reference their operation uses the term “been”.

They don’t have a complaint form, so consider this the complaint.

*Congress and leaders get them out of every American house, car, and body and I’ll refrain from writing an advanced interpretation of your linguistic FBC.


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