Negotiation Framework

Speech Keys – The Most Important Intel In World History

This article describes and decodes important in-the-know speakers so you can more easily comprehend dual meanings, alternate context, etc.

Most speakers at the DNC and RNC used these primary keys.  Numerous other speakers used these keys.  Thanks for the backup.

Body language is used to point to, look at, and otherwise indicate various heights relative to the camera to speak code, innuendo, and dual meanings about these contexts.  Use the keys to match the portion of the screen where people are indicating their language towards.

There is a massive effort for international and domestics laws and agreements to implement human rights against those exploiting the brain and body with electromagnetic radiation and ultrasound (and possibly other devices)

Most leadership has been compromised and is possibly under the intimidating effects of Ultrasonic weapons and other electromagnetic products.

I may provide examples later, but receive numerous deadly threats myself.

Primary Keys – Provides an alternately interpretable context.

(Above screen top)

References Hillary Clinton

(Upper  16.6%)

References Donald Trump

(Next 16.6%)

References State Department, including press briefings and spokespersons where Ultrasonics is often referenced.

(Next 16.6%)

Keywords like working people, smear campaign…

References people licking their lips and displaying their tongues oddly. Note, this is a cue Ultrasonics uses to torture people with beams of ultrasound, and they may be displaying their tongues because of an external control system.

Context like brain control exploitation, sexuality, etc

(Next 16.6%) Kind of a cover up, might not be from a weapon, but it’s a key.

Keywords like energy, shock, short-circuit, polarize, radiate, surge, etc

References electromagnetic control and weapons.

References terrorism.

(Next 16.6%)

References international treaties, negotiations, and agreements

Also references domestic law and agreements

(Lower  16.6%)

Keywords like impact, pressure, flow, water comparisons, heard (reflection), etc

References ultrasonic weapons

References terrorism.


Rarer Alternate Keys (not original)

(Upper  16.6%)

(Next 16.6%)

(Next 16.6%)

(Next 16.6%)

(Next 16.6%)

(Lower  16.6%)




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