Measurements of Ultrasound and Electromagnetism in Space – Pre-article with some basic ideas

Due to the importance of the matter, here are my initial notes on helping find ways to measure and prove the problem of hidden energy beams aimed at people. Keep in mind, if you are surveilled building and setting up measurement systems, covert ultrasonic and electromagnetic weapons can be turned off as you attempt measurements, at the location of the measurement. My guess is the entire FCC is surveilled for this purpose.

Further, if you believe you have to keep the usage of ultrasonic and electromagnetic tactics, weapons, and control systems a secret, when they are commonly compromising private boundaries, properties, and law, then your secrecy model does not support democracy, rule of law, or American values. GTFO of my country and government if your festering within and propagating these beliefs to a free people.

I will try to get this written into a legible article within a week. I figured this might be important for anyone wanting to prevent these types of crimes…

While the mental health industry, and academic disciplines such as psychology, may have been measuring symptoms in people for a century, new causations of malfunctions have appeared over the last century. While these professionals may be accurate in claiming certain symtoms indicate mental problems, and may even indicate which part of the brain, I often claim modern causations have not been properly measured or accounted for. This article will describe two new causations, ultrasonic and electromagnetic energy, along with some ideas for improved measurement and countersurvaillence against weapons operators.
Electromagnetic radiation is a form of energy in which electron energy, the energy contained in the outter regions of atoms, is vibrated.
Ultrasonic emissions are a form of energy in which entire atoms themselves are vibrated.

Particles in the air could refract or reflect some of the energy.
Over greater distances this would occur more
Radiation experiencing refraction or reflection would have a portion of the energy measurable in spaces in which it was not aimed.

Satellite beams would have wider offshoots based on refraction
Singular satellite beams into the brain would travel through multiple regions of the brain at an equal amplitude.
Would be measurable with plates or other receivers in the ground, in attics, roofs, etc
Would have difficulty controlling car drivers, or others below metal, without a precise reflections off metal surfaces

Electronics and electrical system measurements of ultrasonic/electromagnetic transmitters
Current spikes
Sound disturbances from ultrasound malalignments
Items functional as antenna/transducers
Aims and directions of emitted energy with variable waveforms all along the spectrum… direction variable with variations of waveforms and frequency?
Must have ability to measure all the way up in the spectrum, ie gamma
Spatial measurements of ultrasound/electromagnetic radiation
Point measures of power
Continual measures of signals
Multiple point measures to estimate power distributed across volumes, possibly aimed at the same targets
Trajectory/vector measurements

Monitoring for hidden systems capable of neurological monitoring, such as for aiming at regions of the brain or at interfering with specific neurological activity. The higher the frequency, the more information is reflects, ie resolution.
Brain monitoring
Vibrations of regions of the brain via ultrasound
Induction of current via radiation
Spikes of electrical voltage levels above normal
Nullification or cancellation of voltage levels
Matching observed or mentioned symptoms to power in the air, in equipment, etc

Other anatomy measures

Non-patentable ideas for products from natural thought

These ideas are so basic they are non-patentable.
A camera type device which measures the full, or sections, or the eletromagnetic spectrum, or ultrasonic spectrum, and creates an image. Perhaps have high capacity data logging for specific numbers over time.
Kind of like an infrared camera but for the hidden upper spectrum frequencies too.
Microscopic or nanoscopic floating particles
While tiny particles would be limited in the amount of data logging and processing capabilities, they could still collect, reflect, or retransmit data about electromagnetic radiation and ultrasonic levels in space.
Clothes with metal
Already included in a previous article.
I have information implying they can re-align systems to direct energy around metal points they are aware of. So they have an advanced surveillance system and can then reaim beams at people that doesn’t intersect with the metal on the clothes.
So you would have to build these in a hidden bunker, spaceship, or somewhere else you are not being surveilled if you want to catch everything.


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