Brain Control – More advanced specifications

(Reposted due to advanced neurological attack on self, family, etc)

Well, although I’ve had a number of decent brain controllers over the past many decades, I’ve also had tens of thousands of iterations of psychological torture, thought destruction, harassment, lies, and enslavement.

So it’s with a heavy heart that I tell the world just what kind of brain control systems have been used to harass and torture, and just how they are perceived via the mind when used.

1) The Persona System
This system creates a perception of a persona or personality. This personality or persona can be perceived over visual data, perceived within the internal imagination, or perceived as an object around ones brain or head. These are used for constant communications, such as for deception, enslavement commands, torture tactics (as if from homos), etc

2) The Visual Data System
This system can be used to create the perception of words, shapes, or objects in the visual spectrum. You can look at items that aren’t there. For example, today I looked at a texturized private part that wasn’t there. The system fools the brain into perceiving outlines, textures, and sometimes personas.

3) Internal Thought and Comprehension
Personal internal thought and comprehension is cut off for long periods of time via the techniques and technologies discussed on this blog, such as ultrasound or electromagnetic radiation into the head. These are then set to allow synthetic thought which replaces internal thought. This is more often than not set as communications from a person or government representative of some sort.

These, and others, have been used to deliver orders into my brain for multiple years, and even promise me back salary for years of slavery if I accept danger roles in counterterrorism, law enforcement, or counter intelligence operations. My guess is, though, they are actually involved with injurying or getting people hurt.

They have never payed me, and part of my payback is this descriptive article here.

Further, each of these systems has been integrated with torturing homosexual patterns, acoustics, and visualizations.

4) Internal visual thought
This can be everything from very high resolution graphics to a 2d screen style internal thought. These have also been integrated with torturing homosexuals, although they have some really good advanced systems they pretend is payment for slavery. And they integrate internal visual thought with external acoustic systems, such as to shunt off all of their thought systems and their targets and have an acoustic voice system lord the system over them offensively. Then they trigger some kind of internal thought that makes you want to use the imagination.

5) Acoustics
They use an acoustic system which is likely to be distributed speakers or beamed ultrasound which passes through an area of space and creates a sound.

6) Forced speech
They can control someones speech fully and generally control their thought and body language at the same time.

7) A subconscious system which causes people to decide to go to locations, choose certain things to watch and do, etc. They can also stop people from working, doing chores, etc through manipulating the brain.

They might be affiliated or contracting for the US Military, the US State Department (CIA), law enforcement (unlikely due to the rate and frequency of torture and the allowing of lives to be lost), foreign governments (some US black ops constantly assert their torture actions are foreign governments too), or some other enslaving brain controlling organization.


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