Usage of Visual Cortex For Remote Communications

Usage of Visual Cortex For Remote Communications

In 2015 and beyond, I was coerced neurologically to use my Twitter account in parallel with a brain control system.

The starting reason I used the account was to send out covert alerts about what I perceived to be the murder of people through brain control systems.

I did not suspect the people controlling my brain at the time because I believed it was the US Military and possibly the CIA, and that they wouldn’t allow the murder of American citizens.
This might actually be the case, although, whoever is controlling my brain is allowing the murder of American citizens and committing torture. They had had their systems active on military bases since the 1980s and have used their systems on civilians for enslavement and torture.

I also believe that whoever used this visual cortex technology on me is also involved with torturing me with electromagnetic radiation and ultrasound. They have used the visual brain control systems to show images which depict people being attacked with ultrasound, and reduced the ultrasound attacks the more I used the system. I just had to look at a wall or ceiling for it. Kind of like slave conditioning with a whip.

I have been impacted with ultrasound and cellularly burnt with electromagnetic radiation over 100,000 times in the past ten years.

At times, the attackers will use an advanced military grade brain control system to convey the meaning that they are law enforcement torturing me for some petty crime,
verbal results of framed speech tactics (with the same speech control system targetting world leaders which I’ll decode if necessary), and illegally gathered data from long ago.
Each time, the brain controlled thought leaves the belief it is a law enforcement complaint about previous iterations of their brain control framing tactics. They basically use forced speech and actions to frame people and make them look bad.

They’ve actually been torturing me longer than the alleged events, and so I know that any events where I have been rude, evil, or borderline criminal came happened after they invaded my brain and started torturing me.

Unfortunately, anyone who happens to get framed to law enforcement will incite their wrath, enabling the brain controllers to wield law enforcement against them. How convenient.

And apparently, they have law enforcement brain controlled to help them, citing mental illness with unknown or internal causation as the problem, rather than external brain control weapon systems.

Law enforcement is wrong, and may actually be sacrificing their authority with such unscientific reasoning. They certainly nullify and void any social contracts if they refuse to accept reports, or blame the brain controllers targets for the illegal, unconstitutional actions of advanced brain controllers. I certainly hope for their sake they become aware of the problem and prosecute the attackers rather than allow harassment, enslavement, torture, and murder through covert brain control.

Anyways, I have been supplied with numerous ways to prove brain control. Law enforcement may not believe that I am being tortured and harassed. Law enforcement, courts, and juries might not believe in my right to self-defense should I exercise it.

At this point, though, law enforcement might have an idea that I have been neurologically enslaved for years, as I have anecdotally proven numerous brain control murders that have occurred around me and alluded to me.
If they missed some of the information left to surveillance systems and such, well here’s some more information:

While in a private room, I followed a number of twitter accounts. Many of these were predictive of mass murder, murder, and other news stories. Meaning the accounts I followed used languaged to somehow allude to events before they occurred.

The source of the information was my visual cortex. While looking at the texture of a wall, my visual cortex was used to enable me to read letters from the wall. This is an exernal brain control technology which enables me to look at the wall an read information. Since this system has been used in my brain, numerous other brain functions have been sabotaged and disabled, likely with remote electromagnetic radiation.
So they replaced my thought near 24/7, including while reading fiction, and left me with a few external thought systems to use.

The number of deaths predicted exceeded 700 in 2015, and include predicting such events as the warehouse blast in China. Some predictions may have been domestic as well.

This was an attempt to both psychologically torture me and frame me. I am now citing it as a bit of proof of brain control.

If you are with law enforcement, and have a way to access the dates I followed people on the attached Twitter account, you’ll realize that many of them match contexts which later became news stories.
If you don’t realize this, I can provide more detailed interpretations at a later time.

This, in addition to numerous other points of information, can be used to implicate who ever is involved (federal bureaucracies, contractors, foreigner, whoever) for violation of freedom of speech (thought), freedom to be free of cruel and unusual punishment, freedom of religion (destroying religion thoughts), freedom to bear arms (brain controlling people to act violent or tempt them to their weapon), freedom from search and siezure (they search the brain to attack it, likely with x-ray or gamma radiation), right to a trial (they frame and control people as slaves and torture them, as if a crime is why), right to property (they can cause people to have accidents which damage their own property with neurological sabotage), and any other rights they are destroying with brain control.

In answer to the neurologically delivered propaganda that the technology belongs to the Federal government, and exposure of the technology is treason, my answer is meet me with an id card and tell me that to my face.
I’ll even meet with you unarmed. That will give you the chance to formally and officially claim property ownership over both my brain and the constitution, and might put the technology under treason legislation if you ignore the crimes committed.
Until then, I have to guess I have a right to free speech, and no direct knowledge or confirmation that this article about such malicious usages of technology is treason.

And this article helps protect rights of their next victims because it will eventually be regulated and/or defended against technologically.

Now, if someone torturing me is aware that this technology belongs to the Federal government, then I now have a problem for you…

Everytime you use an unconsensual technology against me, whether it be ultrasound torture to the private parts, stimulation of unwanted aggressive emotions, violent thought control, speech control on me while I’m in private, and other unconstitutional and sabotaging tactics, I will send a link to this website to a foreign embassy.

If any of these technologies belong to the Federal government, your torture of me will result in a communication that if you made yourself would be treason. You’ve done this in the past is my suspicion, forcing people neurologically to communicate what you know to be treason. In this case, it would be treason against unwanted brain control and torture systems, along with whatever else in this blog might be protected. And you would be guilty, not I, especially if you had your energy dipped into my neurons like you own them.

For those who use these technologies for legitimate reasons, academic stimulation, entertainment, etc, thanks. Someone else has been using them for torture, though. I don’t need you in my country with that, pgts.


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