Donald Trump Predicts Russian Jet Downing By Isis Due To US Government (or contractor) neurological control

For the record, Trump was not trying to start a war with Russia. Trump’s brain controllers were trying to start a war with Russia.

Also for the record, I am being torture every day and am being forced to write via an advanced neurological control which is used in parallel with torture.

As offensive as it is to consider the military, CIA, or some other neurological mad scientists inside Americans brains, imagine them destroying the speeches of presidential candidates with their neurological control systems.

The following speech illustrates linguistic neurological and nervous system control in action, as Donald Trump’s freedom of speech is violated to cause him to predict an ensuing helicopter crash in Syria. A helicopter crash caused by ISIS fighters. Now, you might think Donald Trump knew about the attack before it happened somehow. I don’t think so, and am guessing that someone controlled his brains speech centers and his nervous system to cause him to allude to the attack so they could frame him.

Unfortunately, this type of linguistic and body language control appears to be non-stop for politicians, mass media, and all sorts of people. If you look at my previous article specifying the quadrants, you may find that numerous people are controlled to allude to electromagnetic weapons, treaties, ultrasonics, framing, fake policing, assassinations, homosexual brain control, etc. I believe this is the actual parties which are torturing with electromagnetic and ultrasonic weapons, and they are brain controlling people into appearing their saviors, describing the weapon systems, assassinations, etc, as if they are countering or against them.

Well, in this case, Trump was being framed to appear involved with an ISIS attack on a Russian helicopter. It’s possible whoever was controlling him was also controlling ISIS’s brain to launch the attack, as is likely in other ISIS attacks. As much as I dislike blaming my government, I’m guessing that some US government faction or contractor might be involved, as could some of the more violent, constitutionally invasive federal organizations.

Here is the video, watch his right hand. He spins it around as if alluding to a helicopter, and appears to mention it. Others have been controlled to allude to this mission before him:

Also note his language. He is predictive and defensive about it.

Speech Notes:

Starts discussing radical Islamic terrorism

“The ‘R’ like swiss cheese” – R = Russian, swiss cheese = full of holes

“And that’s ‘going’ to be something ‘special'”

“And then make the history book”

“If I didn’t think we were going to win, or if I knew I wasn’t going to win, and I know we are going to win…”

“…what you have done has never been done (pause for emphasis/separation) _before_”

“I mean this takes energy” – Electromagnetic radiation based brain control takes energy?

Hand circles, as if the blades of a helicopter.

Hand resembles an aircraft wavering

Talks of hit this one, hit that one, etc

Hand indicates something similar to a helicopter hitting the ground.

“And they lied, they told so many different lies”

Perhaps the helicopter hit was to encourage truthfulness in regards to questions aimed at the Russian military.

I’ll make this easy then.

Russian Military and Intelligence, are you now or have you ever been involved with neurological, electromagnetic, or ultrasonic experimentation, harassment, torture, or murder of any American citizen?

“Make it greater than ever (emphasized again) _before_”

“Which is under siege”

Note the tone variations may signify alternate contexts, such as a city in Syria under siege which is about to down a reference Russian military helicopter.

“Locally, locally”

Trump spins his hands around in another gesture interpretable as a helicopters spinning blades.

Locally may mean geographic locality, or may mean the word “crazy.” As if any claims he meant a helicopter should be called crazy to avoid hostilities from angry Russians. Maybe that’s why brain control is always called crazy.

“You saw what happened a week before that…”

Conceptually emphasizes predictions of events in the past

“You see what’s going on, the world is crazy”

Conceptually emphasizes predictions of events made currently.

Further, the word world sounds like “whirled” which describes 8:48 where he says “Locally” and whirls his hands.

“Whose exhausted”

His hands sort of whirl again. This could indicate a pilot/driver, or set a story for what happened to the helicopter beforehand, such as pilot exhaustion.

Upon changing ton to a whisper, Trump says, “a far greater impact”

He moves his hands into an aerial crashing motion, as if indicating a crashing helicopter.

“We’re going to have something very special here”

“Obama is (blood)letting them… by the thousands”

His hands move downwards in a crashing motion.

“We don’t know who they are, where they come from, there’s no real documentation”

Could be inferring that the ISIS attackers are somehow working black ops for the Obama administration. Realistically, someone would be controlling their brains, just as someone is controlling the brains of the majority of American citizens.

“You can’t really prove it”

Could mean that there’s no direct way to prove any linguistic relation between the spoken words and the impending crash.

Hand moves in a semi-circle and he stops himself, saying “You know, the press likes to correct me”

Almost as if he was being made to look like he was going to make another full circle, and stopped himself as if he knew it could reference a helicopter, and reminded himself he was on television.

“Nobody even knows where they’re being put. So we don’t even know what’s going to happen. But all we know is we watch these people with the slashings, the throat cuttings, and the cutting off of the heads”

Sort of talking about the part of the world where the news will be. Almost as if he’s discussing surveillance data of radical Islamists.

Hand motions in circular pattern, as if a helicopter spinning out of control.

“Talking about his world, his beautiful world.”

His hands move around in a large circle, once again, comparable to the blades of a helicopter about to be downed from neurologically controlled radical Islamic terrorists.

“He doesn’t talk about radical Islamic terrorism”

His hands move into the higher to lower crashing motion, as if indicating a crashing aircraft in relation to radical Islamic terrorism. This can be done with electromagnetic brain control.

“He doesn’t talk about the fact that people don’t want to fly …”

His voice changes tone before saying “in the airplanes” as if possibly leaving the context of a helicopter available as a different phrase.

“That people don’t want to go to theatres”

He could be referencing a theatre of war

“What’s happening folks is very very serious. And if we’re not smart, and if we’re not tougher than hell, we’re not going to be around so much longer.”

Could be worried Russians might try to get revenge for the provocation against their helicopter, or could be placing the words into the mouths of the Russians before they lift off. As if the Russian passengers are saying the words.

“Don’t kid yourselves. Don’t kid yourselves”

Could be addressing the concern of Russian revenge through mentioning that Russians have children also.

“But not talking about (tone shift) crime”

As if avoiding talking about the helicopter crash out of concern it might be a crime.

“Are vital to our country. Vital”

Makes sure the “are” sounds like R and the our sounds like the proper “our”. Once again, as if saying “R vital”, indicating a vital attack, or vital organs of an “R” or “Russian”

“And I shouldn’t have done it. I should have waited until the 4rth. I made a mistake. I should have waited until they were finished.”

As if concerned he revealed too much about the impending helicopter crash, and should have only discussed the context after the event.

“Well today I think they’re bringing someone on stage”
Today = could be addressing the Russian media outlet Russia Today
I think = Could indicate visual thinking (eye think homonym), such as interpreting his body language regarding a helicopter in flight or it’s blades

“We got,” as his hands indicate an aircraft crash, “meaning,” as if a neurological control system is inserting the wrong meaning on the word ‘got’.

There is a homosexual neurological weapon which replaces the meaning of the word ‘got’ in peoples brains because it’s a suffix of a slur against homosexuals, or “fag-got”.

“I got, meaning, we got, because it’s really us,” he moves his hands in a large circle, once again indicating a helicopters blades. Perhaps indicating the crash is really us, or the United States. Perhaps because of motivation against the homosexual brain control system used in the United States, Trump is being framed to confess the United States as helping ISIS crash the helicopter, out of revenge against the FBC comprehension.

“I view myself as a messenger, a very talented messenger, but a messenger nevertheless.”

Letting Russian listeners know that he is merely a messenger, and not personally responsible for the impending helicopter crash caused by United States brain controllers.

Remember, my guess is Trump wouldn’t have actually known, and is likely being completely neurologically controlled without his consent, and in some cases without his knowledge, as are a large number of American citizens.

So if Russians really wanted revenge, they would have to search the area of the violent communication for transmitters in the area capable of controlling his body language and speech.

“So now we’re leading. We’re leading in IOWA”

Leading could simply mean leading an event with a prediction. IOWA could mean “I owe a” as if something violent is owed for a previously received violent act. As in a tit for tat.

“Look. Look. And their going to get a bump. Because I watched last night”

This could be predicting the Russians in the helicopter that are going to get a bump. He mentioned a bump earlier, although I missed this due to some kind of brain control in my brain. They are controlling my brain as I write this to pick less likely words and miss very likely matches to the helicopter crash as a cover up.

“And I saw (sb 1rst res?) lives. How would you like to be me watching television.”

Could be whoever is controlling Trumps brain is having him comment on what his reaction will be when he watches the news of the impeding Russian helicopter crash.

“Everyone of these guys. I mean, professional politicians and others, they get up, and they go crazy”

Perhaps referencing the reaction of other people who are commonly framed with speech control to allude or reference murders or mass casualty events, foreign or domestic, which occur after they have spoken of something similar. The theory is they would not really know, and someone would have controlled their brains language selection to frame them to appear to know. I know this theory to be fact.

Talks about hitting people, as if the impending crashing of the Russian helicopter is like a mafia style “hit”.

“Using the expression, don’t punch down,” as he moves his hands in a turned downward motion, as if an upside down Russian helicopter was landing on it’s back.

“And so we had a tremendous bump”

Could be referencing the assassination of American citizen from unknown parties, perhaps inferring Russians are brain control murdering American citizen through causing traffic accident bumps. I know this is a stretch and low probability match, just trust me.

“When they know something’s going to happen”

Hands motion in an upside down aircraft plummeting

“Those people have to suffer the consequences. That’s all there is to it.”

“Because we are all sitting ducks.”

Certainly reminds me that I or anyone else can be arbitrarily killed via electromagnetic brain control, ultrasonic weapons, or other covert attacks at anytime, and law enforcement will believe it an accident and may even argue mental illness in anyone claiming otherwise.

“So we have to get smart. And we have to get very very tough.” Hands move in helicopter-like circles to emphasize the concepts of “very very tough”

“The system. The system is broken. The system is rigged.”

Hands move as if an instrument for a helicopter is spiking. A helicopters systems would be broken upon receiving a missile, and would have instruments spiking.

The word system is prefixed with sis, the suffix of ISIS.

Hands move to indicate spiking again, as if a private message to the Russian military about their instruments numbers

“Can you do me a favor. Can I have a great, great victory … in I Owe A…”

Perhaps whoever is brain controlling Trump is having him appear to request a brain control crash landing victory in Syria.

Hands move as if the fluxuations of a falling Russian helicopter’s instruments.

Hand’s move in another style to indicating a fluxuating instrument.

“I never did this before. So we have the big one coming up”

As if he’s denying ever predicting a mass casualty event, yet knows there’s a big one on the way.

“That what we’ve done has never been done before.”

Indicating that a group of people he is with has never predicted a mass casualty event before. Hand move in a circle indicating the blades of a helicopter. Hand points downwards in the direction of a crashing imaginary helicopter.

“Remember what I said. If we don’t win…”

Predicts a possible disappointment, as if a victory over a Russian helicopter might not occur.

“So I make statements to the crowd”

Hand fluxuates like an instrument meter again.

“And then I want to talk about the evangelicals”

Points downward as if pointing at the previously mentioned imaginary Russian helicopter crash. As if after the crash is the time to discuss religion.

“I’ll tell you why”

Points downward again as if pointing at an imaginary Russian helicopter crash.

“3 days later they’re saying Trump was a genius in coming up with that statement”

The helicopter crash occurred around three days later.

“Trump was unhappy, or something like that”

Hands move as if a helicopter instrument.

The statement is an example of a given motive. The third person provides the perception that you are listening to a brain controller and not Trump.

“Because we have common sense”

Moves his hands around in a circle again. I guess this could be from brain controllers also. The question here would be, why don’t the brain controlling spies deliver these messages themselves instead of rob neurological power from people.

Hands in the motion of a crashing aircraft again.

The context of Nato is being discussed, perhaps because they might be needed if Russians interpret the speech.

“Three days later (hand in pre-crash position). One of the top people in Nato says ‘Ha ha ha’ and then three days later says, ‘You know what, Trump is right.'”

Once again, within three days a crash was in the news in Syria.

36:36, 36:40
“And they have the money”

Hand moves in a way indicating an upside down helicopter crashing again. According to Trump’s brain controller, someone had the money for some payback. The only question is did Russia deserve the payback for brain control murders in the United States, or did the same punks manipulating Trumps brain and torturing people with Ultrasound slaughter people with brain control themselves?

Trump talks about Nato relations, which is interesting given that he is being framed for an upcoming Russian helicopter crash.

“And now we have a mess. Now we have a mess.” – Possibly indicating after the crash, a bloody messy heap of crashed Russian helicopter.
“No!” – His hands move indicating an instrument, with the words indicating the instrument may no longer be fluxuating because the crash has happened.

“In fact I can see different policies for different countries because countries are different. Not ever countries going to be treated the same.”

His hands spin around in a helicopter motion, ending in an upside down crash position.

In addition to speaking of different policies, his brain controller is perhaps indicating a different response would be had for different countries impending trajedies, although from what I’ve noticed with framing neurological control is that they frame people no matter where an attack occurs. So we’re just lucky they didn’t frame Trump for an attack in the United States.

“Countries are different, some have lots of cash, some don’t have lots of cash”

If cash is used in comparison with a privilege to use force, some countries have had more payback delivered at them than others, thus some have more right or privilege to counter attack.

“Could have as many as four or five, which would be a lot, but that would be an all time record.”

There we five people onboard the Russian helicopter which later crashed.

“But for whatever reason, it falls this way”

Trumps tone shifts as he moves his hand in a falling pattern of how an aircraft might fall. The tone shift and hand motion indicate an interjection possibly from an electromagnetic based radiation system overriding his brain and nervous system to make the motion and statement.

“We’ll probably have three, could even be four, could even be five.”

“I was getting a little heat from…I was getting heat…”

Indicates an object entering from the side (about frame height), as if a heat seeking missile, and then changes hand positioning as if indicating a crashing helicopter.

“And he took a tremendous amount of heat”

Could be indicating a passenger or pilot in a Russian helicopter intaking a heat seeking missile. Although the missile may or may not have been heat seeking, the word heat certainly matches the context.

“Because your not allowed to express… a freedom your entitled to express… your thoughts… your feelings… I can’t believe this”

This reminded me of the propaganda spread belief, along with neurologically controlled belief, that American citizens are not allowed to discuss their brains being controlled, as if the discussion is illegal treason against some communistic control agency. Surprisingly, it’s not, but instead of prosecuting people for discussing the problem, people are often labelled crazy.

“I owe a R (Russian) special people. I have so many friends in this audience. I owe a IS(is?) special”

“We don’t win any more but we’re going to start winning again. We R/are going to start winning again”

“Appreciate it”


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