Brain Control Murders – Training Sessions

Brain Control Murders – Training Sessions

Even a regular death from a normal accident is a tragedy. Unfortunately, in this era of covert technological control and force, there is also the possibility an event was not a normal accident. So when I view these events at the news stations, I always have a suspicion in the back of my mind.

This one made me mad.


Here’s two articles about the death of a little girl, Tanley Yaco, who was killed by a train.

And when I recognized the photo of the little girl, the suspicion was amplified. With the precise angle and range of the photo, I estimate that it was possible the little girl was targeted because she looked very similar to one or more targets, and one or more people targets would recognize.

So instead of just being an accident, it is possible this little girl was murdered in an operation with side objectives of psychological warfare.

Mainstream Targets

I think the girl appears slightly similar, or at least similar enough to cause a reminder or recognition, to two mainstream people. One I will refrain from disclosing right now because I don’t want to be accused of using it against their knowledge at a critical time. I might in the future if I believe it’s necessary to help provide suspicion, won’t completely interfere with important events, or if I interpret a more believable representation of permission and personal knowledge.

So the target mentioned for now is a CNN news person. I believe she heading an effort to demonstrate what Ultrasonics is doing to people’s bodies through her own body language and behavior. It is like she is being impacted by Ultrasonics and moving in reaction to it.

It’s also possible, like others, some of her language includes codewords to expose Ultrasonics.

Target S E Cupp

Local Targets

Over multiple years I have personally seen a number of females who looked similar to this person. I will try not to disclose their identities or locations, although this indicates I may have been a target of these people as well. Possibly for exposing Ultrasonics or other tactics and technology.

One person who looked like Tanley appeared impacted by a large Ultrasonic blast to the private parts while I was speaking and writing to her (Ya, DT).

One was a public speaker multiple years ago, and I watched her speaking locally before I knew about Ultrasonics, yet after I was a target of their or others covert discrediting control systems.

And last, but not least, was an image I have in memory of a little girl, maybe under 10, riding a bike in a street, sort of hazardously.

The last thing I want to do is list their personal data in this context.

Consideration of control systems

If Ultrasonics was near the scene of the accident, they could have interfered with the girls brain or eyes, causing a distraction. They could have also physically pushed her.

More likely, if electromagnetic systems were beamed into her head or nervous system, she could have been guided into the situation and into the pathway of the moving train. To know to suspect this you would have to know about the possibility of electromagnetic induction to various brain and nervous system regions, and the overriding effect it could have.

Some of the variables that might have been accounted for by covert controllers would be:

Range of electromagnetic neurological control systems considerations
Number of electromagnetic transmitters within range
How to electrophysiologicaly replicate the behavior of locating oneself in a dangerous position without much personal knowledge
Timing of train
A way to create a lack of awareness of danger, such as a midbrain jamming voltage induced from electromagnetic transmissions
Surveillance to ensure placement of person in pathway of train (surveillance could have been satellite, the transmitters less likely)

So, what I believe, suspect, or intuitively know, is someone may have put this girl on the line of the train using brain control.

Whether or not this was by or for Ultrasonics, or using their electromagnetic product lines, hopefully, time will tell. It was either them or it wasn’t.


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