US Department of Defense (and who else?) Brain Control Technologies and Tactics, What is known

This article would never have appeared if you had told me what I needed to know.  More information might appear if I don’t find out who is torturing me and where they are located.  And get it right, the treason from whoever is controlling us against the United States Constitution, not those looking to defend themselves using information.

*To the rest of the DOD, we thank you, and you know why!

The Technologies

  1. Multi-trajectory radiation, likely in the x-ray and gamma spectrum, is passed over electro-physiological points in the human body, causing electrical activity changes through electromagnetic induction
  2. Multi-trajectory ultrasound, which knocks sound off it’s trajectory and can be heard, is beamed into people’s cars, houses, and work spaces
  3. Brain activity for thought, decision, memory, and much more is controlled.  Motor control of the nervous system is controlled.
  4. The technologies have never been formally found, prosecuted, regulated, inspected, or audited.  This means the operators get away with disgusting and torturous tactics commonly, including mass torture and likely mass murder, within the United States
  5. The electromagnetic weapon technologies are very common on US Military Bases, including usable in private quarters, workspaces, and locations surrounded by large structures of metal, also including in remote zones, such as in the ocean, or in foreign lands.
  6. The technologies are not operated by enlisted personnel, and most likely, most officers have no way to control or use them either.  There is likely a few sniveling bitches at the Pentagon that funded these programs, likely bringing in contractors or possibly CIA brain controllers (according to some thought control systems which blame the CIA on everything) to rule the military bases.  It is likely a combination of defense contractors, CIA contractors, etc.  Now they are all over the country controlling civilians, including on the road, in their houses, and at their workplaces.

I do not believe law enforcement would involve themselves with such technologies covertly, as they have so many snitches that would tell.  Law enforcement correctional systems in California have used Raytheon microwave weapons on prisoners, though, and surprisingly California law enforcement tells people they are crazy for symptoms of microwave weapons, or higher frequency weapons, which completely penetrate the skin and can pinpoint head/electrocute anywhere in the body.


Who is affected

  1. Enlisted people are controlled 24/7 with a huge number of electro-physiological points being controlled remotely.
  2. Civilians are mass controlled using the technology, likely with a lower number of points in the brain and body being electromagnetically controlled
  3. Politicians, mass media representative, CEOS, and more have their thoughts, speech, and decisions commonly controlled

What unconstitutional activity has occurred

  1. Brain controllers have been mass murdering civilians, staging real murders with car and other accidents, controlling people into committing murder, etc.  This is proven because of the psychological warfare operations that have been conducted alongside the mass murder.  For example, murders and victims might resemble actors, reporters, etc, so closely as to be suspicious.  Or people might be brain controlled to predict the murder or other events with their speech or body language implicitly.  This is a leaving of the murderous brain controllers and possibly some kind of counter operation which makes brain controlled slaves do their bidding for free.  This increases the brain controlled persons chance of being murdered next.
  2. (Warning: Gross — but true I promise) Brain controllers, electomagnetic and ultrasonic weapons wielders have tortured American citizens using homosexuals.  One common tactic used on American citizen, including military personnel in metallically enclosed spaces, is homosexual brain control.  The torturers tactics include (1) controlling the trochlear nerves to force eye movements to members of the same sexes private parts, (2) insertion of controlled thought in such a category, (3) controlling speech to reference homosexuality through allusion, for example using the words but and come. Most enlisted people are brain controlled to speak like homosexuals, both directly or indirectly through allusion (like many politicians now).  (4) attacking private parts in parallel with the homosexual speech, behavior, and thought control systems using ultrasonic and electromagnetic weapons (a tactic used off base when with the ultrasonic weapons).  and (5) using thought control to portray violent events, such as the shooting of a Congressperson in the private parts, as a justified revenge some other brain controller has gotten as payback for ultrasonic and electromagnetic torture of a targets private parts, making the target feel framed for involvement.
  3. (Warning: Gross — but true I promise) The brain controllers use gamma or x-ray surveillance everywhere, including in bathrooms, and private spaces constantly.  They can see and target any point in the brain or body, including to attack and communicate to people (voice to skull, ultrasonic voice acoustics, thought control systems) immediately before they have gas through surveillance of their bowels.  They might even send ultrasound into peoples bowels to make them have to have gas in social situations, also creating pain and discomfort.  Some will even attempt to control the private part muscles with electromagnetic radiation, or cause burning or heating of people’s privates when they have gas.
  4. Brain controllers, electomagnetic and ultrasonic weapons wielders have tortured Americans in other ways.  This includes blinding the optic nerves (electromagnetic radiation), vibrating the eyes to cause pain and loss of focus (ultrasound) jamming the brains comprehension (ultrasound and electromagnetic radiation), causing reduction in consciousness (ultrasound and electromagnetic radiation), inhibiting breathing (ultrasound), accelerating heartrate (electromagnetic radiation), burning nutrients (electromagnetic radiation), burning organs (electromagnetic radiation), pushing organs into bones (ultrasound), gyrating joints in their sockets (ultrasound), threatening peoples lives and loves ones lives (electromagnetic radiation and ultrasound), threatening people on the road with control systems that might cause them reduced awareness or coordination (electromagnetic radiation and ultrasound), killing people at, to, or in front of people (electromagnetic radiation and ultrasound), searing and burning pains (electromagnetic radiation), and much much more
  5. Brain controllers might combine their brain control systems, the same ones used on enlisted people including in private spaces, on civilians in tandem with ultrasonic weapons and higher powered electromagnetic weapons.  The ultrasonic weapons blast or pressure people, while the electromagnetic weapons burn or electrocute people.  They can centralize the energy to target points of the body from all around using separate and simultaneous vectors.  So they will use the military homosexual thought control system, and attack peoples private parts with energy at the same time.
  6. Brain controlling politicians to talk shit to American citizens.  During the 2016 election, each candidates speech and body language was completely controlled.  Some of the content was to embareass the candidate, or sabotage their speeches.  They targeted both sides, and appear to have targeted Trump as much as any others.  In addition to having them talk like homosexuals, or predict high casualty events, they used them to talk shit to private American citizens and public figures, even using look alikes of reporters in the background.
  7. Controlling people into situations where they are used as props without knowing it.  Just like people are being controlled to commit murder and get into traffic accidents because they look like reporters, actors, or some other person, they are being enslaved and controlled to do the same in normal events, like presidential speeches.  Presidential brain control is now provable similar to how brain control mass murder is provable because they killers left a train of psychological warfare in the people they brain controlled.  Fortunately for the killers and civil war era type slavery wielders, law enforcement does not prosecute brain control, and will defend their systems accusing anyone discussing them of mental health problems.  Due to the more over psychological warfare spilling over, this strategy of law enforcement might not last.
  8. Controlling the economy through controlling the brains of consumers and business decision makers.  Because the thought control is so advanced, the decisions of millions of consumers a day, and the most important decision makers in business and investment are vulnerable.  Their decisions can be neurologically controlled through the systems which have reverse engineered the brain, and control it via the electromagnetic radiation methods.  So stock prices can be predicted, and business can be made to win or lose based on purchasing decisions of consumers, and covertly helping or hindering of the business success.
  9. Controlling the politicians of the federal government in their decision making.  In addition to having politicians talk shit to private American citizens, those affiliated with the US Defense Departments homosexual brain control programs may be controlling the brains of all federal, state, and county politicians, giving them complete control over the government.  You ever wonder why they are never investigated, why current regulations against radiation aren’t enforced, and why their torture and assault goes unpunished?  Well they control the brains of the politicians who could make that happen.
  10. Controlling law enforcement.  In addition to politicians who could protect Americans, law enforcement could have done something.  It’s likely that they aren’t all strategizing for brain control systems success knowingly, and may have much of their brains compromised to keep these systems feasible and uninvestigated.
  11. Mass murder indirectly through increasing cancer rates.  As the mass brain control systems have been put in place, more and more cells of the human brain and body has been electrocuted and heated with electromagnetic radiation.  This effect, when hitting the DNA, has a chance of causing cancer.  So if they are controlling 1,000,000 people per day at 10,000 points in their brains and bodies, then each point in each person would have an elevated risk of spawning cancer cells.

As noted, each weapon system described and used on American civilians, including those used to torture and murder, have been used in parallel with systems used on U.S military enlisted personnel on military bases, including in secure and metal surrounded locations.  Some systems have been used to torture children (searing pain in muscles, causation of physical injury, etc.), including on military bases, in the 1980s, and, in parallel with modern thought control systems, are used in ways to remind the adults of how they were tortured as children.


This information is all true.  The upper levels of the federal government has failed to protect us, and the federal government personnel might be compromised to claim to be allowed to control us and torture us using this equipment.

Please help me find my torturers so I can defend myself, as I have given you leads on mass murderers.  They may be one and the same.

More bullshit propaganda about foreign governments doing every brain control and torture op in America, when I know where these systems have been used on military bases will result in more exposure to the military, their contractors, and whoever is actually responsible.


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