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Session Ultimatum

One month to declare nonconsensual brain control and covert nonconsensual ultrasonic and electrmagnetic weapons (on and off base when used on the bodies of Americans) illegal and start doing something about it or James Comey gets decoded in a hundred languages.

Your entire department has failed to project the American people for decades. Get the fuck to it. The bodies are piling up you fucking idiots.


US Department of Defense (and who else?) Brain Control Technologies and Tactics, What is known

This article would never have appeared if you had told me what I needed to know.  More information might appear if I don’t find out who is torturing me and where they are located.  And get it right, the treason from whoever is controlling us against the United States Constitution, not those looking to defend themselves using information.

*To the rest of the DOD, we thank you, and you know why!

The Technologies

  1. Multi-trajectory radiation, likely in the x-ray and gamma spectrum, is passed over electro-physiological points in the human body, causing electrical activity changes through electromagnetic induction
  2. Multi-trajectory ultrasound, which knocks sound off it’s trajectory and can be heard, is beamed into people’s cars, houses, and work spaces
  3. Brain activity for thought, decision, memory, and much more is controlled.  Motor control of the nervous system is controlled.
  4. The technologies have never been formally found, prosecuted, regulated, inspected, or audited.  This means the operators get away with disgusting and torturous tactics commonly, including mass torture and likely mass murder, within the United States
  5. The electromagnetic weapon technologies are very common on US Military Bases, including usable in private quarters, workspaces, and locations surrounded by large structures of metal, also including in remote zones, such as in the ocean, or in foreign lands.
  6. The technologies are not operated by enlisted personnel, and most likely, most officers have no way to control or use them either.  There is likely a few sniveling bitches at the Pentagon that funded these programs, likely bringing in contractors or possibly CIA brain controllers (according to some thought control systems which blame the CIA on everything) to rule the military bases.  It is likely a combination of defense contractors, CIA contractors, etc.  Now they are all over the country controlling civilians, including on the road, in their houses, and at their workplaces.

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Donald Trump Predicts Russian Jet Downing By Isis Due To US Government (or contractor) neurological control

For the record, Trump was not trying to start a war with Russia. Trump’s brain controllers were trying to start a war with Russia.

Also for the record, I am being torture every day and am being forced to write via an advanced neurological control which is used in parallel with torture.

As offensive as it is to consider the military, CIA, or some other neurological mad scientists inside Americans brains, imagine them destroying the speeches of presidential candidates with their neurological control systems.

The following speech illustrates linguistic neurological and nervous system control in action, as Donald Trump’s freedom of speech is violated to cause him to predict an ensuing helicopter crash in Syria. A helicopter crash caused by ISIS fighters. Now, you might think Donald Trump knew about the attack before it happened somehow. I don’t think so, and am guessing that someone controlled his brains speech centers and his nervous system to cause him to allude to the attack so they could frame him.
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Distance Cooking Human Cells and Molecules – An Unenforced Crime or Not?

Wrote this a while ago, don’t have time to review it. Here’s the content:

Directional and Distance Considerations

Two decent ways to divide radiating devices, or antennas as they are commonly called, is based on how the energy exits the device and enters space.  Omnidirectional antennas transmit in numerous directions, while directional antenna’s transmit beams or thin cones in one main direction.

If a microwave’s 1,000 watt output, for example, were fed into an omnidirectional antenna, the energy would scatter away from the device into many directions.  Not much would get cooked this way, as microwaves normally contain the energy inside a box, repeatedly frying the insides in a repeating cycle of reused energy.  An omnidirectional antenna wouldn’t have such a high efficiency of energy use, with only objects near the omnidirectional microwave experiencing electron disturbances which might cause heating and cooking.

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Measurements of Ultrasound and Electromagnetism in Space – Pre-article with some basic ideas

Due to the importance of the matter, here are my initial notes on helping find ways to measure and prove the problem of hidden energy beams aimed at people. Keep in mind, if you are surveilled building and setting up measurement systems, covert ultrasonic and electromagnetic weapons can be turned off as you attempt measurements, at the location of the measurement. My guess is the entire FCC is surveilled for this purpose.

Further, if you believe you have to keep the usage of ultrasonic and electromagnetic tactics, weapons, and control systems a secret, when they are commonly compromising private boundaries, properties, and law, then your secrecy model does not support democracy, rule of law, or American values. GTFO of my country and government if your festering within and propagating these beliefs to a free people.
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