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US Department of Defense (and who else?) Brain Control Technologies and Tactics, What is known

This article would never have appeared if you had told me what I needed to know.  More information might appear if I don’t find out who is torturing me and where they are located.  And get it right, the treason from whoever is controlling us against the United States Constitution, not those looking to defend themselves using information.

The Technologies

  1. Multi-trajectory radiation, likely in the x-ray and gamma spectrum, is passed over electro-physiological points in the human body, causing electrical activity changes through electromagnetic induction
  2. Multi-trajectory ultrasound, which knocks sound off it’s trajectory and can be heard, is beamed into people’s cars, houses, and work spaces
  3. Brain activity for thought, decision, memory, and much more is controlled.  Motor control of the nervous system is controlled.
  4. The technologies have never been formally found, prosecuted, regulated, inspected, or audited.  This means the operators get away with disgusting and torturous tactics commonly, including mass torture and likely mass murder, within the United States
  5. The electromagnetic weapon technologies are very common on US Military Bases, including usable in private quarters, workspaces, and locations surrounded by large structures of metal, also including in remote zones, such as in the ocean, or in foreign lands.
  6. The technologies are not operated by enlisted personnel, and most likely, most officers have no way to control or use them either.  There is likely a few sniveling bitches at the Pentagon that funded these programs, likely bringing in contractors or possibly CIA brain controllers (according to some thought control systems which blame the CIA on everything) to rule the military bases.  It is likely a combination of defense contractors, CIA contractors, etc.  Now they are all over the country controlling civilians, including on the road, in their houses, and at their workplaces.

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Brain Control Murders – Training Sessions

Brain Control Murders – Training Sessions

Even a regular death from a normal accident is a tragedy. Unfortunately, in this era of covert technological control and force, there is also the possibility an event was not a normal accident. So when I view these events at the news stations, I always have a suspicion in the back of my mind.

This one made me mad.
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Usage of Visual Cortex For Remote Communications

Usage of Visual Cortex For Remote Communications

In 2015 and beyond, I was coerced neurologically to use my Twitter account in parallel with a brain control system.

The starting reason I used the account was to send out covert alerts about what I perceived to be the murder of people through brain control systems.
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Daughet Lovell

Brain Control Murders – Love the Way You Lie

A new trend, or perhaps not so new trend, involves brain control murders.  The tactic appears to include arranging murderers and victims to supply semantically relevant details, possibly to wield psychological warfare against specific targets.  Because law enforcement is unequipped to recognize, detect, reverse engineer, catch, and prosecute brain control, the crimes are not widely known.   This article seeks to supply some concepts and ideas which might someday be useful for people challenging unconstitutional brain control power structures.

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A Jet Crash. The Orlando Shooter. Ultrasonics and FBC TV Cooperation.

The terms. The crimes. The calculations.

The terminology of FBC TV (not to be confused with the new stations, FBC TV stands for homosexual brain control utilizing invasive technologies to override imagination) describes certain replacement of visual thought with content in which homosexuals would view in private. The concepts and attack systems would constitute non-consensual brain control on a scale comparable with serious assault, and if used repeatedly, would accrue values comparable with more serious violent crimes.

If people, on average, get a couple of years in prison for sexual assault, and on average, get decades of years in prison for murder, then using FBC TV once on someone could be calculated as worth a few years in prison, and if used ten times, comparable with murder.
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Gay Club Ultrasonics

Although working on an article describing distributed system specifications, I was force to re-prioritize and write an article on the recent gay club attacks, not only because Ultrasonics appears involved, but because counter-terrorism is an important priority as well.

Upon learning of the recent club terrorist attack, I couldn’t help but wonder what caused the casualty rate to be record breaking. After watching statements of people who were at the location, I chalked the oddity up to be related to Ultrasonics, and possibly, some of their electromagnetic product lines.
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