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Brain implants can be things like small microchips and chemical releasers/inhibitors. Primary purposes is to shut down or enable selective brain segments, or worse, take over processing of entire structures to meet law enforcement or organizational objectives.

Donald Trump Predicts Russian Jet Downing By Isis Due To US Government (or contractor) neurological control

For the record, Trump was not trying to start a war with Russia. Trump’s brain controllers were trying to start a war with Russia.

Also for the record, I am being torture every day and am being forced to write via an advanced neurological control which is used in parallel with torture.

As offensive as it is to consider the military, CIA, or some other neurological mad scientists inside Americans brains, imagine them destroying the speeches of presidential candidates with their neurological control systems.

The following speech illustrates linguistic neurological and nervous system control in action, as Donald Trump’s freedom of speech is violated to cause him to predict an ensuing helicopter crash in Syria. A helicopter crash caused by ISIS fighters. Now, you might think Donald Trump knew about the attack before it happened somehow. I don’t think so, and am guessing that someone controlled his brains speech centers and his nervous system to cause him to allude to the attack so they could frame him.
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Usage of Visual Cortex For Remote Communications

Usage of Visual Cortex For Remote Communications

In 2015 and beyond, I was coerced neurologically to use my Twitter account in parallel with a brain control system.

The starting reason I used the account was to send out covert alerts about what I perceived to be the murder of people through brain control systems.
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Brain Control – More advanced specifications

(Reposted due to advanced neurological attack on self, family, etc)

Well, although I’ve had a number of decent brain controllers over the past many decades, I’ve also had tens of thousands of iterations of psychological torture, thought destruction, harassment, lies, and enslavement.

So it’s with a heavy heart that I tell the world just what kind of brain control systems have been used to harass and torture, and just how they are perceived via the mind when used.
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Daughet Lovell

Brain Control Murders – Love the Way You Lie

A new trend, or perhaps not so new trend, involves brain control murders.  The tactic appears to include arranging murderers and victims to supply semantically relevant details, possibly to wield psychological warfare against specific targets.  Because law enforcement is unequipped to recognize, detect, reverse engineer, catch, and prosecute brain control, the crimes are not widely known.   This article seeks to supply some concepts and ideas which might someday be useful for people challenging unconstitutional brain control power structures.

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