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Mental health often describes symptoms of ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and nuerologically invasive control. Only the possibilities of malicious physics and invasive physiology is not describe at all by mental health. Belief based stigmas are targeted at the individual, and the possibility of all covert weapons systems and implants are given absolutely no credibility.

US Department of Defense (and who else?) Brain Control Technologies and Tactics, What is known

This article would never have appeared if you had told me what I needed to know.  More information might appear if I don’t find out who is torturing me and where they are located.  And get it right, the treason from whoever is controlling us against the United States Constitution, not those looking to defend themselves using information.

*To the rest of the DOD, we thank you, and you know why!

The Technologies

  1. Multi-trajectory radiation, likely in the x-ray and gamma spectrum, is passed over electro-physiological points in the human body, causing electrical activity changes through electromagnetic induction
  2. Multi-trajectory ultrasound, which knocks sound off it’s trajectory and can be heard, is beamed into people’s cars, houses, and work spaces
  3. Brain activity for thought, decision, memory, and much more is controlled.  Motor control of the nervous system is controlled.
  4. The technologies have never been formally found, prosecuted, regulated, inspected, or audited.  This means the operators get away with disgusting and torturous tactics commonly, including mass torture and likely mass murder, within the United States
  5. The electromagnetic weapon technologies are very common on US Military Bases, including usable in private quarters, workspaces, and locations surrounded by large structures of metal, also including in remote zones, such as in the ocean, or in foreign lands.
  6. The technologies are not operated by enlisted personnel, and most likely, most officers have no way to control or use them either.  There is likely a few sniveling bitches at the Pentagon that funded these programs, likely bringing in contractors or possibly CIA brain controllers (according to some thought control systems which blame the CIA on everything) to rule the military bases.  It is likely a combination of defense contractors, CIA contractors, etc.  Now they are all over the country controlling civilians, including on the road, in their houses, and at their workplaces.

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Acoustic Subliminal Messaging with Electromagnetic Brain Control


For decades, corrupt government employees and psychological “professionals” have declared the phenomena of hearing subliminal messages or vocals as crazy, delusional, and manifestations of auditory hallucinations. The declarations are always based on the fallacy that an individual’s own “mind” produces manifestations of speech in which only the crazy perceiver is away of.

Not always true.
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Sabotage of Ultrasonic Weapons Installations using Audible Sound

The properties of ultrasound are many.  Ultrasound is very predictable in space, in how it will reflect off objects of various density, or travel through the objects.  Pure ultrasound is of a frequency above human acoustic perception, and when not impacting human anatomy or solid objects, is largely unnoticeable.
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