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Session Ultimatum

One month to declare nonconsensual brain control and covert nonconsensual ultrasonic and electrmagnetic weapons (on and off base when used on the bodies of Americans) illegal and start doing something about it or James Comey gets decoded in a hundred languages.

Your entire department has failed to project the American people for decades. Get the fuck to it. The bodies are piling up you fucking idiots.


Distance Cooking Human Cells and Molecules – An Unenforced Crime or Not?

Wrote this a while ago, don’t have time to review it. Here’s the content:

Directional and Distance Considerations

Two decent ways to divide radiating devices, or antennas as they are commonly called, is based on how the energy exits the device and enters space.  Omnidirectional antennas transmit in numerous directions, while directional antenna’s transmit beams or thin cones in one main direction.

If a microwave’s 1,000 watt output, for example, were fed into an omnidirectional antenna, the energy would scatter away from the device into many directions.  Not much would get cooked this way, as microwaves normally contain the energy inside a box, repeatedly frying the insides in a repeating cycle of reused energy.  An omnidirectional antenna wouldn’t have such a high efficiency of energy use, with only objects near the omnidirectional microwave experiencing electron disturbances which might cause heating and cooking.

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W-Town Negotiation Chronicles – Attractive Perceptions

8-4-2016 through 8-11-2016

Since my incremental transfer to W-Town, I was pleased with the implementation of the serotonin radiation induction measures.  The misuses and add-on attacks have tapered off, but there has been attacks in other categories, such as with this next weeks negotiation topic.
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Mind Control On The Freeway – Iconic Memory, Comprehension, and Tiredness

Neuroscience, electromagnetism, and memory.

The human head is completely open and vulnerable to most of the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic energy can pass through the skull, pass over the brain, and exit the skull again. Some of the energy might even be converted to heat or electrical current. With a lot of focused radiation, the energy can convert into enough current to change the brains electrical signals, or cause substantial heating.
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*This incomplete document is being released while a work in progress due to importance.

Reverse Engineering – from guesswork and observation.. electromagnetic systems likely attached, fairly similar, usually aimed at midbrain and private parts and nervous system to make people appear to give blow jobs or interrupt body language with their own messages. Can feel it in nerves sometimes when close. Shut off thought most of the time with radiation also, and fry midbrain all the time.
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Gay Club Ultrasonics

Although working on an article describing distributed system specifications, I was force to re-prioritize and write an article on the recent gay club attacks, not only because Ultrasonics appears involved, but because counter-terrorism is an important priority as well.

Upon learning of the recent club terrorist attack, I couldn’t help but wonder what caused the casualty rate to be record breaking. After watching statements of people who were at the location, I chalked the oddity up to be related to Ultrasonics, and possibly, some of their electromagnetic product lines.
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